04/10/22 | Inge

Great diet food!

Both cats loved the other version of Purizon kibbles for sterilised cats. They absolutely loath this variety. They eat it only if they get really hungry, which turned it into a diet food ;) and they keep begging for food . Very bothersome. After I go through both bags I'll have to look for another brand, as Purizon don't offer the fabulous chicken&fish anymore


Contains guar gum

This product contains guar gum, which may cause diarrhea or soft stools if your cat has an upset stomach. My cat is always excited for the sterilised chicken and fish flavour, but barely eats this one and has moderate diarrhea. The ingredients are ok, but may be more suitable for cats who are allergic to or dislike fish products. The nibbles are so big like dog food, made my cat vomit a lot. Tried other flavors before and they were very good, but very disappointed with this product.


Not as good as other flavours

Our cat loves the adult sterilised chicken and fish but does not enjoy the turkey and chicken flavour. He leaves a lot of it untouched.


Cats don’t like it

My two Maine Coon cats just walked away once I put this food in their dish. But they both like the fish&chicken flavour.


nibbles too big

Since a kitten he has eaten Purizon, but the size of these nibbles are 4x bigger and hard. He doesn't like them, now unsure if all adults cat food will be like this one or if is just this one.