Changed recipe :-(

My cat has been eating this for many years and then they changed the recipe and he doesn't like it. It used to be oily and tasty. Please go back to the old recipe. Thanks



Like many of the other reviews, my cat won’t eat this anymore since they changed the recipie


Why change a good product?

We've been buying this for years & our 3 cats loved it. They've changed the recipe & now none of them will touch it & I'm left with a big bag of unwanted food. What a waste of money, very disappointing!

07/28/20 | Gail

Recipe change for the worse

I had been buying this for months and months but then it changed recipe. It used to be lovely and oily and our three cats loved it but now it’s as dry as old boots they won’t touch it Very disappointed


Bad decision to change ingredients

My cat loved the oily version. This new version is dry and she hates it. PLEASE bring the old one back.

04/28/20 | Leanne

Bad change

I have been feeding my two Maine Coons Science plan hairball for years and it has been brilliant. Now since the formula change, my girl won't eat it and my boy has developed severe diarrhoea. I will not be buying anymore and I'm annoyed I now have 3 bags of this useless food

04/09/20 | Brian

Bad idea

Original formula should never have been changed, our cats loved it but hate this new formula

04/09/20 | Brian Smith

Bad change

We have 12 rescued cats who all adored the original hairball biscuits. This isn’t as oily in fact it’s quite dry and the kibble is smaller and lighter. The feral cats won’t even eat it. Hoping hills see sense and revert back to the original recipe!

04/09/20 | Theresa


I have fed my cat Science plan ever since I first got him. It always suited him but now he wont touch the hairball after 10 years and the recipe change! Why Why change something that works? Really disappointing,and looking forward to my refund.

02/16/20 | Steve

New look, New name, New Recipe, No thanks.

Our cats have been enjoying Hill’s Science Plan Hairball Control for years. Without any real indication the ‘new and improved’ version arrived last month and now they won’t touch it. We have just slightly less than 10kg if anyone wants it.

04/25/19 | James

Excellent value

Haven't opened yet but its cat food so not much else to say! Great 4kg bag at excellent price!

09/16/18 | Becky

Hills is the equivalent to McDonalds

As one other has said - doing some simple reading about what cats dietary needs are has highlighted that Hills and many other popular brands have little nutritional value for my cats :( and if anything contribute to kidney disease. Don’t buy cat food without first researching what should be in it to support your cats dietary needs. Quality food should be sourced from protein. So the first ingredients listed should be some form of meat and in high %. Animal fats as well.

03/13/16 | Jessica

Please check the ingredients, this food is not what is seems :(

I had been feeding this to my beloved pets believing a vet approved science plan must be fantastic for them and I was providing the best diet for them. Out of interest, after a couple of months of feeding them this, I casually read the ingredients not thinking too much about it. I was horrified to learn the the top 5 main ingredients include maize, rice and corn gluten. These are cheap fillers used in inferior foods, have no nutritional value and are not even digestible by cats. I shudder to think of the health implications. One ingredient is called 'digest' which sounded weird so I googled it. A concentrated liquid sprayed into the food to make it taste better and get them hooked. When I read this I stopped feeding it instantly! Please read the ingredients on the bag for yourself and don't just assume like I did that a known name + big price tag = quality food.



Tried my cats on this food and now they won't eat anything else, they love it. Makes the litter trays less smelly, have had no problems with hairballs and the cats look really healthy

09/07/12 | Ruth Wilson

Excellent healthy food for indoor cats

My cat will not eat anything else but hills Indoor cat food she does not like fish,meat etc. which worried me but apart from the odd hills chicken pouches the dry food is what she prefers.It is also good for her fur and teeth. I always buy my cat products from zooplus it is much cheaper than vets and local store's also first class delivery service. I would recommend this product and zooplus to any buyer.


We all like it

We turned to Hill's Feline Indoor Cat when our two cats turned one year old. We cannot yet assess if it makes a difference in terms of weight control, but they absolutely love it. It makes a great difference in terms of odor control, so we love it too!

01/18/10 | linda moore

my cats love it

both my cats a bengal & ginger/wht moggy love this plus it has been great keeping my moggies weight down

09/09/08 | Min

Even fussy cats like this!

My cat is very fussy with food (worse with wet food!) but he loves any of the Hills dry food varieties. I notice he has a smoother, shinier coat when he eats this compared to some other brands so I stick to this now.

11/11/06 | Karen Clarke

First rate!

I rescued two litter mate Tiffanies aged two and a half, two years ago and my vet suggested feeding them Hill's Indoor Cat food. I am very pleased I took his advice as I now have two very happy, active and mischievious indoor cats with beautifull coats and markings, which literally shine like silk.



I bought this for my overweight cat, but now both my cats (both indoor/outdoor) would eat it until they burst if I let them. They are very picky, but now only nibble at anything but Indoor Cat. Highly recommended for any cats, indoor or outdoor.