04/26/22 | Neko

No benefit unfortunately

Unfortunately this product didn’t solve any of my cat’s problems. He continued to have issues with digestion. And he didn’t like the taste either. Waste of money in my opinion.

11/26/21 | Iwona

The only thing which works!

Both of my cats suffer from quite soft poos and I've tried a number of different probiotics which work, but they don't like them with food. This paste is a miracle, not only they like it, it is easy to add to their meal and no more issues!


Works perfect for both my cats

My cats have quite sensitive stomach and quite often end up with a very soft poo. I've used a lot of probiotics, which are not very tasty and messy but this paste is fantastic. Works for both and so easy to add to their food. No issues with poo anymore.

06/15/21 | Oliwia

Works well

It is bit too sticky but works well. My cat had dry stool and it truly made it better.


Not tasty

My cat ate it disguised in wet food and his poop became better formed, then the next day he vomited, which is not like him, so I’ve laid off the paste. He definitively didn’t like the taste.

03/29/21 | Monika


Our cat loves it and her bowel has calmed down. Very much recommended.



Looks like poop .smells like poop. and must taste like poop because my 6 cats wouldnt touch it. Only bought it to hide medication in. Didnt work waste of money. Would give it a zero if i could .disgusting stuff

02/29/20 | Ellen

It worked

This paste really helped our ragdoll with a sensitive gut. She'd been having loose stools for a week so we decided to try this paste based on one the vets had previously given us. It worked a treat and helped her stools go back to normal. On the plus side she absolutely loves the paste and eats it straight from the tube! She now has a sensitive food that has replaced this, as this was a temporary solution.

01/12/20 | Marion Green

Excellent Product

I rely on this product for my elderly cat.I have used it for many years to combat digestive issues, IBS,and very soft stools.My only complaint is that sometimes it is out of stock.....not good when you rely on it,and need to purchase several tubes each month.


Cat can’t get enough

Thankfully my fussy cat not only loves this paste, but it has also helped her digestion (IBS type symptoms) and reduced hairball buildup (not puking up). I would highly recommend to indoor cats, especially with sensitive digestion and if prone to hairball buildup.


Didn't really help

Gave this to my kitten with a sensitive stomach who was having issues (which I found out later was due to any type of dry food). Anyway, didn't help in calming down the symptoms. He does enjoy eating it though so tasty at least !

08/04/19 | P Lovett

Not good

Tried this paste and it caused diarrhoea in two of our cats. In other words the exact opposite of the effect we hoped for. Can't recommend it.


Game changer for cat with digestive issues

Our cat has had a lot of digestive issues and was loosing weight, seemed not to want to eat. Spent £££ at the vets getting various tests and scans. No specific diagnosis. He has been on Kattovit Sensitive Turkey for about 4 months . Since starting on this paste cat is now licking his bowl clean. It is like it stimulates his appetite He is visibly more comfortable as now playing again, less licking of bottom and has started to put on weight. Great stuff