07/18/21 | Silwni

not approved by my moggies

As my cats love the Gimcat chicken, especially any who are poorly, I thought this might be an extra treat for them. Alas, not so. Even the greediest eater will not touch it! It does look a bit off-putting, like off-milk, which I suppose it sort of is, but they certainly take one sniff and walk away in disgust. Now if you had a fish variety, that might go down very well as they do get tired of the chicken one, even though they love it. They need more flavours, just not this one.


My cat loves this yoghurt

My cat only likes plain yoghurt treats, so thought I’d try this...and she loves it! She’s been having these treats for a few months now and it hasn’t irritated her allergies either, so very happy with the result.

08/20/20 | Margaret

Fabulous treat

I've 2 cats A tabby she loves it but my other cat British short hair won't touch it. But he is a fussy cat at best of times

04/07/20 | Paula

Give my cat diarrhoea

My fussy cat (who loves ‘milky’ treats) didn’t want to touch it. My other cat (who would eat anything) eat it and got diarrhoea. His behind was covered in it! Not impressed at all! Binned second pouch that we bought. Waste of money and not healthy for cats.

05/15/15 | Rachael

My 2 Siamese wouldn't touch it

I bought this after trying "Gimpet Cat Pudding" which my two cats go WILD for (literally, they guzzle the lot in seconds flat). However they sniffed this yoghurt version half-heartedly and walked away. No interest whatsoever! And no amount of plonking them back in front of it could convince them to try it. Eventually I had to throw it away :(

05/03/15 | SJDE

Wonderful product

I tried this with my elderly Maine Coon female when she wasn't eating enough. She loves it. She doesn't have very much at a time, but she then eats her normal food so it seems to stimulate her appetite. She now expects this every evening and tells me when it is late! I have found the last couple of batches to be a little thicker than the first ones I bought, so I do have to thin it down with a small drop of milk. This amount is not enough to upset her tummy.


Great for snacks/dessert

My 9 month old ragdoll loves this but the daily allowance is 1/10 of a pouch, I emailed Gimpet to ask how long it stays fresh for and it's 3-7 days before it turns, so unless you have more than one cat, you will be wasting some of this :( Great carton though, easy to store and keep fresh.

03/22/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Excellent treat

My 3 cats love it, especially the 2 females. The packaging is very practical and the resealing mechanism is very useful.

07/27/13 | vicky

Cats love it

My cat loves this, I keep it in the fridge in this hot weather and both of my boys really enjoy lapping up the cool yoghurt. Definitely would recommend!

03/04/13 | vk2177

My cat loves it

Bought one of there for my cats just to see if they like it - and they absolutely loved it and ask for more! Will be coming back to order. The product design is good - it stores well as it can stand upright and screw top is convenient to use to keep it fresh.