My wee one is absolutely obsessed with these treats. She’ll lose her mind the moment the tub comes out of the cupboard. 100% recommend.
05/09/21 | Mj

Great but price massive increase

These used to be £9.99 a year ago, what happened??
02/27/21 | Debra Stoner

Not what they used to be

My cats used to love these, they would gobble them down and ask for more. Now the pieces are very hard and dry, both the chickena nd tuna, not crumbly at all - my cat even spits them out! Please go back to making them how they used to be.
01/24/21 | Monika Szczygiel

Healthy snacks is a must

My Chanel has nature of a hunter as so she likes to hunt her food. I throw the chicken bits on a cat tree and she run to get it, or I throw it inside her tunnel ,she love it, running like crazy to get her treats.good exercise too.

Young adult Maine coon Prefers chicken

I have bought both Tuna and Chicken for my 1 year old Maine Coon, he likes the tuna treats, but he’s definitely much happier whenever I give him the chicken cubes.
02/07/20 | Alice


This product content is not what I had expected , they are all at variety quantity, some of them are filled slightly over half way full but some of them are not even half way full, looked as if these were used. The content is ridiculous compared to the ones I brought from my local pet at home store.
10/31/18 | Jc


I always renew my order with these but my kitty only likes the white fish ones ... please stock them again!
09/22/18 | Sarah

Kittens love them. So worth it!

My kittens LOVE these. I bought them as a one-off in the supermarket for £3 a pack. I'm so glad Zooplus does this saver pack - great value. My cats Yes, they're a little expensive but it's worth it for 100% meat. Some of the pieces are large so I do need to break them up. These can cause some flakes of chicken to fall on the floor. There's also a fair bit of chicken "dust" in the bottom of the container. I just sprinkle this on their food. Expensive but so so worth it!
02/18/17 | Karen Barclay

Loved and adored

Both my cats love these treats. I sprinkle a cube onto their regular tired food - it always tempts them to their dishes. It is expensive but it must be delicious because my cats never tire of the taste.
03/11/16 | Jarvis

Loved in our house!

Ollie absolutely goes made for these! As an oriental he has the typical small jaw bad teeth problem, & has had 4 removed over the years. I find these treats do not hurt his gums or teeth, but still require a chew, to keep teeth in use! Love the fact they are purely fish or meet, no nasties. Reasonable price when bought via Zooplus too, wish the white fish came in XXL tub!
09/02/15 | Sarah

His favourite!

Thrive treats are great because they are healthy and versatile. They are simply freeze dried meat so they have no grain or rubbish filler ingredients and they can be crunched up as a topper for wet or dry food. My cat is VERY fussy but these are always a hit. He also has a sensitive stomach but these do not ever make him sick. They are also ideal for putting in puzzle feeders. Simply a fantastic product!
06/12/15 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Great treats.

I wanted to be able to give my diabetic cat an occasional treat...and recently discovered Thrive cat treats. Jaffa absolutely loves the tuna flavour and even after the short time he's had them, he recognises the tube! I'm going to send for more so that I have them in the house when I want to treat him.
06/06/15 | originally published in zooplus.ie

What a treat!!

Our cat just loves Thrive treats! He gets excited even looking at the Thrive container, and he comes running when the container is rattled, no matter where he is! AND the snack is healthy too. Wonderful product!
05/28/15 | originally published in zooplus.ie

great healthy snack

one of my cats go ape for these. if I need to get him in at night I just open the door and rattle the box and he comes pelting over the back wall. must have great hearing! my other cat does not like the texture as once he touches it with his mouth he drops it again. but if I sprinkle it over his wet food it adds to the aroma and he likes it. so for anyone trying to get their cat to eat more wet this works a treat!
02/26/15 | originally published in zooplus.ie

My cats are crazy for these treats!

They'll even break the cupboard with all of their paws!

5* AMAZING!!!!! Great topper for wet food haters too!

My 7 month old ragdoll can't get enough of these, he used to only really eat dry food but if you sprinkle these (they are freeze dried so break up easily) on top of his wet food, the whole bowl is gone and he's crying for more. If like me, you're always needing to spend an extra few pounds to get free postage, pop one of these in your basket and you can't go wrong (I have tried fish and chicken on my kitten) I'm going to try the wet food next as all their food is just 100% meat/fish
06/30/14 | originally published in zooplus.ie


Sylvie would kill for these treats! She's 5 now and has been getting them from age 5 months! She won't eat any other treats. I'm happy with them because they are natural and low in fat. I notice complaints about tubes being half full - tubes are filled to the weight advertised and some pieces are heavier than others. There is no cheating going on - I've weighed them to check!

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