05/02/22 | Sonya

My cat loves this

He loves this, he has worked out how to shake it enough to get jackpot drop without pulling the whole thing down.
06/13/21 | Charlotte

Great product

Good quality, stands up to being fought over by my 5 cats, only gets knocked over very occasionally. Love that you can make it harder/easier for them
09/26/20 | Victoria D'Arcy

Hilarious and Effective

I have 3 cats, all of whom were getting a bit chubby. I thought I'd give this a go as 2 of them are quite clever and I thought it might slow them down. Turns out the cat I thought was a bit dense took to it straight away and sits there methodically for ages. The other cat smacks it so hard the biscuits fly out all over the kitchen, so he has to hunt around to find them all. The last one took TWO YEARS to work it out! Funny to watch and it definitely slows them down.

Great item - hilarious to watch cats use it!

I've known several other cats enjoy this maze, so I got one for my indoor cats, partly to give them something to do, and partly to try and slow down their eating. It works on both counts, and it's fun watching the cats try to get the biscuits out as quickly as possible! Mine are smart enough to have figured out that it can be rocked over (like a vending machine) if they stand upright and push, or hook their paws through the sides. It now takes them 10 minutes to eat their biscuits, instead of 2.

The smart one gets it

So we've got one big, fat, stupid cat, and one small, thin, clever cat. If we leave kibble out for the thin cat, the fat cat eats it. But you know what he's not good at? Figuring this one out. The thin one got her head around it, using her paws to fish out or knock down kibbles, but the big one can barely fish out the ones that have fallen. So the thin cat can munch when she wants and the fat one can't get to her food! Strangle he hasn't figured out how to get the kibble stuff inside the tree...

Slows down cats who gobble dry food.

The food maze slows Luna, my cat who would normally gobble her crunchy food pellets down, and makes her have think a bit about how she reaches them. She's quite a dab hand at scooping up the pellets individually in her paw and it's fun to watch and guess which one she'll go for next!
06/03/17 | Estefania Veira


Cats like it.
03/31/17 | Emma Hunt

A true life-saver for obese cats.

I decided I had to do something for my obese cat as I sadly lost one podgy puss and felt completely responsible for his early demise. I didn't want to go too aggressive with it so I opted to letting her get her food whenever she wanted from the feeder and a healthy portion of wet food once a day. She is no longer fat. She plays, climbs my 5ft fences with ease and can clean her bits. I really didn't see this happening but once I saw the changes in her habits and activities, it has probably been a life-saver. Just like people, she has to deal with a bit of extra skin and will probably always have an enormous appetite but she's taken to this really well. I've learned a lesson the hard way so please...if you see your cat's weight get out of control, use a good quality obesity cat food and give this a go. You won't regret it. I'm now about to purchase a second one for upstairs. Thanks to CatIt for your continued innovative products.
08/07/16 | hannah josiah

Enforced diet!

I bought this for our boys because a recent vet check up showed that Doyle (the feline hoover) is starting to get tubby. When it arrived I set it up and showed them how to use it. Bodie got the hang of it straight away and I can hear him now in the kitchen dispensing and eating biscuits. Doyle DOES know how to use it because he's showed me, but he's just too lazy too - if he can't shove his face in the biscuits he's not interested. I figure that if he really is hungry he'll make the effort, but its doing what it should do and Bodie is finally getting a look in at the biscuits.

Kerplunk for cats

Our cat Paris used to bolt his dry food & then throw it up undigested. We got this to slow him down, but as soon as we set it up, his brother (Hector) fell in love & hissed at him when he got close. Now he lets him in, Paris gives it a punch & eats what falls in the tray. It's a smaller amount but with more sittings per day. He's stopped vomiting. Hector spends hours removing one piece of dry food at a time, even if a bowl of dry food is there. He's enthralled. It was a win all round :)

Kerplunk for cats continued

PS. Paris does knock it over completely on occasion, but I suspects he tried to avoid it because if he does, Hector gives him the silent treatment. They're brothers and very close. Hector can't meow, so he looks at it forlornly until it's put back. Both of them are also over 5kg in weight (they're very big, but not overweight) with big fat paws. I guess it depends on the cat. They're all temperamental, but that's why we love them :)
01/20/16 | Lesley

This works

We have 3 ragdolls and as indoor cats there is a chance they may become overweight. This maze took a few weeks for them to master and I had to remove the top shelf for about 2 months but now even the stupidest one of the three has mastered it, with the three layers in place. One of them had to go for his annual check up and he has lost a little weight so all good

Love this product

... 2 of my 3 cats love this product ... Happy days! We have 2 for "fun" rather than to manage greedy cats. We've had 1 for over 2 years and it's still like new. Easy to clean, robust and durable - they need to be as 1 of our 3 is a Bengal and the other 2 Savannahs. It's not easy to knock over ... unless 1 of your cats is a 7.5kg beefcake who stands on one side of it ... Then it's no effort at all :) It survives every time. Really pleased with it.
02/09/15 | ARTURAS



Best thing ever

Our 4 cats love this. It's the easiest way to free feed without your cat over indulging. We are about to buy our second one so we can have a choice of dry food upstairs and down. Agree with others that covering the top is a quick fix to stop your trickier kitty eating from the top. Love the catit range.
11/09/14 | vicki

Excellent for food obsessed cats

this is a fantastic way to slow down eating in greedy cats - mine will eat everyhing she can as fast as she can, but this slows down the gobbling. I have has to cover the gap at the top (a cork heat mat works perfectly) or she just stands on her back legs and sticks her face in.
08/18/14 | C.Dunne

Cat loves it. Takes treat balls.

I bought this because I was tired of hunting down treat balls when they rolled down the side of the cooker. It took a few hours for my Siamese to figure it out. But once she did WOW! Some other reviewers have noted that a cat can get wise to the maze and either knock it over, or attack from above. My cat is less than 4kg and although she has come close, she hasn't knocked it over. As for access to the top, I put my SlimCat Treat ball in there. It has room to spin and adds an extra "difficulty level" to the maze. It was so successful, I decided to go a step further. I'd bought the Snack Ball Cat Toy at the same time. It fits perfectly in the middle level and ups the difficulty even further! My cat now spends about 30 minutes hunting and catching her dry food servings. She is sick far less often now. The maze looks so good, that my baby nephew even wanted to play with it! Easy to dismantle and clean.
06/23/14 | Wend Rice

Head First

My cat absolutely loves this maze at first he used his paws to knock the treats through now though he just dives in head first and eats from the top ... talk about lazy :) .. but it's a fantastic gadget and keeps him occupied for ages ..
02/18/14 | Andie


This isn't for every cat, I have four and only one is absolutely addicted to getting her biscuits out of it. When its empty she will ignore a bowl of biscuits and sit next to it till the same biscuits are put in it for her to hook out! One or two of the other cats may have the odd play, but I can understand why some cats aren't bothered. It has been very useful for letting her have the biscuits she wants that I don't want the others to get at...one is a piggy and can't be asked and another is on renal food and doesn't touch it either. For my fur family it's brilliant.
02/19/13 | Jay


I recently rehomed a cat from a rescue centre and, as I was going to be at work all day, I decided to buy one of these to keep him amused! The first meal he had, I put into a normal dish and it was gone in a matter of minutes...I don't think he even chewed some of the biscuits! The second meal I put into the Food Maze. Wow! What a difference! After a few seconds of confusion he'd worked out how to get his biscuits out of it (the correct way...I put a bowl over the hole from the start just to make sure he didn't cheat!). Over the course of the next 2 hrs (he'd come and have a cuddle with me in the lounge, and then would go back to it) he finished all the biscuits. Total success! :)

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