01/02/22 | Rita

Horrible and dangerous!

It's rock hard! My cats usually love catnip, but this didn't seem to have much of a scent, and it is a solid hard ball so no good for them to play with. It accidentally ended up on our patio, and one of the neighbourhood foxes who visit my garden must have picked it up as I found it on the street. WITH A TOOTH BROKEN IN IT! I felt so bad for the poor fox. This is a horrible and dangerous product, keep it away from dogs!
06/24/21 | Kitty

Out of my 6 cats 5 will even fight for this

The only toy that I keep buying every year as the catnip strength can wear off over time. I hope this never gets discontinued. This was also my late cat’s favourite toy so when he died we buried it in his little coffin too. Will continue to buy over and over again as long as it’s for sale.
05/13/21 | Mel Hamilton

Ignored it

My cats love catnip but they completely ignored this ball. It doesn't seem to be a ball of catnip, but actually catnip glued to a ball? That's what it looks like anyway. Unfortunately it's pointless!


I have 2 cats that go crazy for catnip, so purchased a ball each. I have never seen them less interested in catnip! Luckily I only opened one, and have no idea what to do with the other one.
02/02/21 | Amy


My girl did not react to this ball of catnip at all and ended up being thrown away and she usually reacts often to catnip and has it once a week on her tower
12/31/20 | Fran the grumpy housecat

Great, if you like fun!

My humans bought me this for Christmas. They seem to enjoy playing with it, but I don't like fun. I'm sure other cats would enjoy it, it's a good size and it doesn't disintegrate and get stuck in the carpet. It's not for me though, I like food and only food.
10/31/20 | Jacqui

Cats just not interested

My 4 cats all go mad for catnip. But took no notice at all of these. Threw them away in the end. Must be negligible amount of cat nip in them.

Indestructable (almost) and practically useless

My cats being catnip junkies took no interest. This rock solid sphere is tantamount to concrete disguised as catnip. Even after breaking it open with a 4 pound hammer in the hopes that the centre may contain a modicum of bona fide catnip they still took no notice.. Probably whatever bonding agent /process has been used has utterly obliterated the scent of catnip..
07/23/20 | Dee

Cat toys

brilliant fast delivery and cat toys etc worth buying would definitely recommend and look forward to shopping again thankyou.
03/29/20 | Claire Kelly vivaldi

My cat loved this

He really loves this chases it around everywhere.
03/15/20 | ro


Big hard ball - not so easy to play with for cats and they totally ignored it. Very por product
01/12/20 | Angela Dawson


I have 11 cats not one was interested very suprised as the cat nip flakes they go mad with this no effect wonder if a fault with this product as 90%of products I buy from here has been 4 or 5 *
10/24/19 | Carol

4 cats no interest

When my delivery came I opened the box took out the catnip ball put it on the floor. 4 cats came over looked at it and walked away. Also ordered Kong active cork ball I now have the 4 of them taking turns with that. Don’t waste your money on this

Not a success

Both cats just looked at the ball, took a sniff, then walked away

Cats not interested!

My four cats all enjoy catnip, but this ball was greeted with a total lack of enthusiasm. None of the cats gave it anything more than a quick sniff, so it just wasn't pungent enough for their liking.

Zero Interest

Neither of my cats showed the slightest interest in these, though they both love catnip toys

Not interested

My cat was completely not interested in this toy unfortunately :( I tried many times.
04/28/17 | Gina


My cats love to play with these, and they love rubbing themselves on it. The only downside is that my dog started eating one! I'll keep it in a seperate room from now on.

No Effect

None of my three cats paid the least attention to this.

Best toy ever!

From the moment this arrived my two cats where interested in it. Even before I had got it out of its packaging the cats were sniffing around. Once I put it on the floor both of my cats were playing with it straight away. At last a toy that they actually play with. No longer will I have a basket full of unused cat toys!

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