03/29/22 | Helen Cleaver

Easy to clean

There are ideal for my multi cat household. Easy to clean and quite attractive looking. The front part that lift is useful so you can see easily if you need to remove waste.

01/22/22 | Dominik

Litter box with cover

I gave 3 stars because the litter box looking really beautiful and matches a bathroom really well however there is a major flaw when it comes to the door of the litter box, the flap leaves an inch gap which means that the litter box does not fully close, the filter because of this is useless

08/28/21 | Chloe

Great value

Would buy again but please make it so the door/flap closes fully as some catsan rocks still get out when cats scratching like a mad man!


Great Product

I have 15 cats and my house is filled with the regular versions of this litter tray but when I saw this pink flamingo version of it I knew I needed it! It works well at eliminating odours and it’s a good size for the cat to fit in easily to go to the toilet and isn’t an eyesore. Definitely going to be buying another one :)

06/19/21 | Roberta Lye

A few flaws - door not fit for purpose

I read a few reviews which mentioned the door not fitting and leaving a big gap, so I've taken I picture of the door fitted as intended (which leaves a massive gap for the smells to escape) and fitted backwards as someone else mentioned (much better this way but still has between 2-5mm gap around the door). Cat filter fits well and the tray is extremely roomy even for my bigger cat who weighs (5.5kg.....big boned, not fat!) :-) For £15 it is good value even with the door issue.