04/26/22 | G.C.


Used to buy Tigerino canada litter, but it was out of stock, so I went with this XL option.Very disappointed, It doesnt clupm well at all,falls apart,I do not recommend it.

11/01/21 | Kinga

I don't recommend

I am not satisfied with the quality of the litter, it clumps poorly, unfortunately I can smell the litter box. I was a fan of tagerino canada but in my opinion it broke and this XXL is not great either. the cats take it out of the litter box. I do not recommend !!!

10/10/21 | Olivia

Not a fan

We usually use Tigerino Sensitive clumping litter and think it is great. However, it was out of stock so went for this. This litter clumps well but it is so dusty! Even when i'm just scooping the clumps out a huge pile of dust is released! When the cats are covering their urine the dust is kicked up again and makes them sneeze/cough. I won't be repurchasing.