04/27/22 | Karen Hart

A Sub-Standard Litter

I have been purchasing this for a long time, and it's blatantly obvious they've changed the way they make it, it's now completely Sub-Standard. It used to be so good - it dried like concrete and stayed in 1 big lump, but now as soon as you touch it, it disintegrates into loads of pieces or crumbles, which means you spend twice as long cleaning it up. The fact they expect people to pay this much for a litter that is now no better than the one you buy in a supermarket is a joke. I won't buy anymor

04/07/22 | Whizz

Tigerino special edition

Great litter , slightly coarser than their Canadian , works well , smells good and keeps cat odours at bay, last for weeks leaving litter tray just needing a wipe over after emptying , no sticky mess or scraping, no tracing ( top opening litter tray) scoops well ..gave 9/10 as their Canadian tops it , but happy to use when Canadian not in stock ,

01/21/22 | Seb

Good clumping litter

I’ve tried lots of different brands of clumping and non clumping litter and this one seems to track the least while keeping smells (more or less!) at bay. Just about to order another bag!

01/12/22 | Kayla Kerr


Bought this thinking it was the tigerino lavender silca litter, which I have had before and was good. This however, is a nightmare. First time my cat used it, there was bits of litter dust all over the bathroom (where I keep their tray), including paw prints. My other cat used it- same again, except he’s very hairy so I’ve had the added bonus of having to brush it out of his tail. 3 hours in my litter tray, multiple times I’ve had to sweep, I’ll be throwing the rest of the pack away



Fantastic stuff the cat smell has almost disappeared from the home. I have four trays (large) as not all my cats like using the clay type litter. I will be purchasing more shortly.

12/01/21 | Martyna

Really good!

Clumping really well I don't have any issues to this, all my 4cats loved it, when they moving litter I can smell lavender when I'm close, but is very delicate and a bit weird but I don't mind. It keep all the odours away and that's amazing!


money saver

this sand lasts a longer time than non clumping sand and it helps with the smell as well


Don't bother

Have tried all the other Tigerino packs and gragrences and they were very good - thought this would be a nice scent - no scent at all and more dust than a sandstorm - don't bother!

09/24/21 | Dom

Worse Tigerino ever!

I use Tigerino baby powder for years and thought I would give it a try thinking it must smell nice. Doesn’t smell at all, it very dark, doesn’t clump until some time, and it’s dusty as safari! The grain is so tiny it sticks to everything- paws bottoms.. and it’s all over the house! Hoover is out twice a day! Worse litter ever!

09/20/21 | Miss Ann Marie Allin

Nope, Sensitive is still the best

I didn't mind the scent until it mixed with the pee and poop, then it changed to nastyness, there was no cover scent at all, no matter how deep the cats buried it. Once I removed the clumps the smell remained, I washed down the walls and lid and the smell remained. Within 1 week I had to change all the litter. I miss the sensitive kind, please buy loads and loads of it.