03/30/22 | Sigita

No smell!

The best solution that we found so far. We clean the box on a daily basis removing bigger business 🤭 and the rest of crystals last for weeks! Really good and you could never tell that you have a cat in the house!
12/02/21 | LisaD

Tigerino Flower Power

I have used this litter for 7 years now. The large crystals are very absorbant. I have a covered litter tray and two cats who prefer to use the tray than go outside. I have very little litter on the surrounding floor, because peices are large I just pick them up and pop back in the tray. 1 bag lasts 2 cats over a month I tip the whole lot in. During winter months when they don't want to go out it might not last as long but definitely atleast 1 month.
06/06/21 | Clare


These larger lavender crystals are great. Hide odour well and it’s easy to spot escaped crystals. Cats seem happy!
03/20/21 | Angela Dawson


Good quality
03/20/21 | Angela Dawson

Good quality

Allways good quality if any issues the customer team deal with any issues
03/16/21 | Oksana

This is a life saver!

They are fantastic especially if you are keeping the box in your room. It assumes all the bad smell . I would highly recommended. I always buying pack of six and that last for around 3 months or so...
02/13/21 | Tamara


Absolutely brilliant cat litter!
11/14/20 | Ilanna


One of the worst crystaline litters available, I used catsan's and that hid the smell of even poop but this does not. It does soak more pee but it is extremely smelly and does not hide the smell, its like a normal litter just more absorbant, if thats what you want then this is great but I wanted one that is both absorbant and hides the smell. Will have to go for catsan as that litter hid the smell extremely well, though it wasnt as absorbant as this, but its not wortg it if its stinking up your

Very good

Very good litter, very good absorbing and don't smell at all
05/25/20 | Alice

Long lasting litter

my 2 cats have 4 large litter trays I used 1 1/2 bags in each (approx 2in deep) and it has been great for 6 weeks, I have removed any poo daily and stired around the litter daily too, no bad smells, poo easier to remove as it get dried out, easy to clean litter out just tip into bin bag no scraping the tray, this litter saves only of time and money. Only slightly negative thing is it is a little dusty when pouring it bet this settles after a few minutes and then it’s fine

Did they forget ....

.... to put the lavender in ??? Absolute rubbish and a waste of money. Very poor product and did not smell of lavender at all.


This is the best cat litter I have ever used! I have 5 cats, 3 of them are indoor cats. I have 2 litter trays and used to have to change the litter forever to prevent a bad smell - this litter is fantastic , no smell at all and minimal cleaning effort- I’m converted and will never use anything else!
12/11/19 | Patricia Booth

I love it , my cats love it

Finally a litter that doesn’t tread all over the house, and what little bits that do leave the litter box are easily vacuumed up. I have two boys cats who delight in leaving very smelly poos every morning. Now the smell is almost non existent. The only downside is it isn’t flushable like my last litter, so I have to bag it and bin it.

Was fantastic but it's changed

I have bought much of this litter over the last year, but the last batch was dreadful, tiny little pieces of crystal which all stuck to the cats paws when they left the litter box, unlike the previous bags of larger crystals, where the crystals mostly stayed put. I now have crystals tracked all over the floors, the cushions, the sofa, the tables everywhere. It still works the same way BUT is useless as it so messy.

Not great and it was expensive

Didn’t leave any puddles for me, and I didn’t get any smell of lavender. Didn’t help the smell at all for either number 1 or 2! I wouldn’t buy again, it’s too expensive and cheaper products are much better imo, I’ve now tried clumping litter and it’s much better.

You have to let it evaporate

Great litter but have been reading peoples reviews that say they have puddles in the bottom. The was the litter works is it evaporates the wee without releasing the odour. Don't use a covered tray and keep in a warm area and you will find it lasts weeks.
08/06/18 | Alison Harris

Good Litter.

Good cat litter.


This litter does last about a week to 10 days with one cat. However it does have dust and when first opened, made my cat cough quite severely. Looking for a crystal type litter that doesnt have dust.
12/19/17 | Angela

Highly recommend

This litter is the bomb!! Absolutely great .. absorbs odour straight away and lasts ages .. would highly recommend.. you will not be disappointed one wee bit ..
06/02/17 | FW

Pro's and Cons, the jury's out on this one....

I wasn't a fan, found the crystals really sharp and surprised my cat tolerated walking on them. Didn't get anywhere near the 25 days use suggested for one cat, nearer the 2 weeks mark and despite stirring after every use ended up with a soggy pile of crystals at the bottom (yes, I did put the recommended amount in the litter box) Also made my laminate floor really dull where they tracked on the floor and painful if you tread n them in bare feet. On the plus side easy clean up and nice fragrance.

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