Outdoor cat den

Got this for one of my cats who loves to spend as much time outdoors as possible, but regularly sits looking miserable on windy days. This was the perfect solution. Nice little blanket and he has his own outdoor snoozing area thats protected from the wind. Handy for storing a couple of outside cat toys too!


The lid broke within a month

The lid for this hide came off within a month making it now unusable for my rabbits. Really disappointed & to begin with Zooplus would not give me a full refund on the item.

03/02/19 | Alan

Generaly well made, but. . .

For the price it was OK, however, the lid was lop sided, to make it fit correctly I had to fit a couple of dowels in the front corners to pull it straight.

09/08/17 | nicole jenkinson

Not suitable for night time/ long period of time

Item was damaged on arrival (split and chipped) but cant be bothered for the hassle of sending it back. I would NOT recommend this for evening or night time use. The bottom floor is not safe/secure (lifts up) so predator can easily gain access to your pet! The top has no lock for the roof so again they can easily lift it up and get to your animal. I purchased this for a Tortoise run/enclosure but I would NOT use it for my rabbit or my chickens as its asking for trouble! DEATH!

03/25/13 | Emma


I was on another web site and the same sort of house was £36.99 and then your page has them for way cheaper I HOPE I GET IT FOR MY BIRTHDAY :)

02/21/13 | Jay

Good...with a few modifications!

Bought this for my 2 guinea pigs in 2011. Easy to assemble and a nice size. I did have to make 2 modifications to it. One was to glue some little wooden strips to the ramp as they were having difficulty gaining purchase on the smooth wood. The other was gluing a bit of hardboard to the doorway to make the opening smaller (good size for a rabbit...bit too big for piggies). The one thing that did annoy me with it was that the lid sometimes slides off it's hinges and trying to get it back on takes a bit of patience! I haven't used it for a while as i got another guinea and it wasn't really big enough for 3...especially as one of the girls is a bit of a stroppy cow and likes to commandeer the best spot.


Bunnies do like to chew ...

I originally bought one hutch to go inside a run to provide a warm and dry refuge from the rain. I was so impressed that I then purchased another two for the other runs, however bunnies do like to chew and one hutch is missing a leg and another is 80% knawed away. The latter despite being painted with bitumen! I would recommend that if you bunny is a "chewer" that you cover the legs with wire mesh or similar protection.

05/01/12 | Tina

excellent buy

Think I confused my purchase with the other small pet hutch. This is the one I purchased. A great buy for a visit to the garden attached to a run for my in door house dwarf rabbit, while I hang washing out and cut lawn and stuff. She sat in it until she was ready to explore the outside air and grass. Would recommend to anyone who has an indoor rabbit who is not locked in a cage day and night, for those garden visits.

12/14/11 | Katt2099

Perfect hide away for run

i got the larger of the sizes for my pair of rabbits. Perfect size, and easily put together, good quality, the only thing that was abit naff was the base, which is plastic (a good thing, better hygeine) but something wasnt put together right as the plastic bowed up abit making it not slide in and out particully well, but its only a little nuisance. Apart from that great product


Cats love it

I brought this for when my cats are outside and caught in the rain if im at work. they both love it. fit my 2 1yr old cats perfectly as they love to snuggle. im going to buy another one though because they are getting bigger and soon wont both fit.

09/09/11 | Graeme Radtke

Great shelter for Guinea pigs and Rabbits

My GPs and rabbits share this shelter when in the run together. They all love it. It is big enough for my 2 large GPs and 2 small rabbits to share. It is easy to assemble and well built. My only criticism is that the ramp is a bit slippery for the GPs and could do with some rungs.

05/26/11 | lisa

tortoise hut

bought for my horsfield tortoise to shelter from rain and sleep out in fitted the job to perfection

02/23/11 | Joanne Parsons

not just for guineas and bunnies!!!

i had a broody hen that needed a cosy and comfatable environment for her as well as her eggs/chicks when they hatch. the house sits in the run so that the mother hen can take her chicks out as well as keep them warm at night (or if she wants a afternoon rest) it has enough space for quite a while until they get too big in which case they roost on top!!!



i think it was very good for its price my bunnies love it

08/22/10 | Ruth Oddie

great for rabbits

I use my wooden house in the run, the rabbit jump on top to relax and go in it to hide when I'm going to put them away !! this is good as the lid opens so they are stress free to be caught, just pop up the ramp open the lid and no stress for me or rabbits :) I have one in each run here at my rabbit rescue, thank you.

05/07/10 | Mrs Turner

my ducks love it!!!!!

I brought this product as a sleeping house for my aylesbury ducks:jamima puddle duck and miss waddle and they love it its safe and warm and perfectly sized for them now I have two very happy ducks!!!!!


Would buy again

My bunnys loves it and I don't need to worry anymore if they are outside it starts raining and I am at work. Easy to assemble.

04/25/10 | Ciara Norton

Great house at a great price

I bought one of these for my rabbits but found it was great for guinea pigs too. If you put it in the run then guinea pigs can go underneath it too, which they love. And rabbits can jump on top of it. It's easy to clean out with the roof on hinges, which is handy. And overall it's very good. It'd be a good size for cats too, if they live outdoors and dog kennels are too big.

04/15/10 | Craig Gothard

Great for other pets too! (Besides rabbits and guinea pigs).

I brought this product, as one of my hens have hatched 5 baby chicks out and wanted some temporary housing for them, I had a rabbit ark but not big enough for mother to flap her wings! So I put some posts in the garden with wire around it. The Trixie Natura Small Pet House was put in a very good size mother and chicks will fit in when they're 6-8 weeks old a very good quality pet housing product. I will be buying more for my Serama bantam trio and other smaller poultry and quail.

02/28/10 | baybii~on~the~roll

i thought it would be much smaller but it turned out to be huge . my guinea pigs loved and when it was bath time they wanted to have their bath in the hutch