One cat ate half the other

One cat liked it, ate half of it, the other cat wouldn't go near it..


Peanut is not a big fan

Maybe he is spoilt but this food actually resembles traditional cat food and Peanut is not used to that. We will mix this in with his Blink and Thrive Foods as the ingredients seem OK but won't purchase again.

02/15/22 | Greta

Mostly good but kitten developed diarrhea

Our kitten is known for tummy problems so it might not be fully due to the wet food, however our kitten did not seem enthusiastic at all about one of the flavours (tuna I believe), despite normally loving any wet food. After eating them regardless our kitten had diarrhea after both pots (given days apart).

12/22/21 | Ismay

My kitten loves it

Shame however the pots are plastic rather than tins