12/02/21 | NT

Both my pedegree cats feel better

I have two british Shorthairs. One has diarea and we tried everything. I believe in wet food so this has helped his poo. And my other one for few years I kept putting probiotics on his wet food to digest as he has issues and always leaves food doesn't eat or sometimes throws up. I hope this helps both my cats for a while as you must know that cats are fussy eaters and who knows when suddenly change their mind and stop eating that particular food! Let's hope that lasts long! Thank you!
11/11/21 | Maria

My Chardonnay approved it

My lovely senior cat loved this food and I will definitely reorder them for her
11/01/21 | Carol

Fussy cats

My fussy Sphinx and Peterbald licked their bowls clean. They both have sensitive tummies and one suffers from IBS.


Genuinely the only food my Bengal boy can eat. He suffers with diarrhoea and this is caused by any other food I have given him. He can eat plain chicken but that doesn't give him any nutrients. Hes been on this for a few months but it took about 5 days for his diarrhoea to go away, they only time it has returned is when hes managed to eat my other cats food. If your cat suffers from the same issue I'd recommend trying this, it really is a life saver for us! Zooplus never stop selling this!
04/12/17 | Agnes

Cat's love and it helps my cat with cronic Diarrhea.

It's a wonderful food, out of all gastro and sensitivity diets we have tried my cats love this food and the Kattovit sensitivity pouches the most. They truly love the taste. One of my cats had cronic diarrhea and sensitivity issues and on top of that he is also a very finicky eater. I'm so happy to see that I found a food what helps to relieve him from his digestive problems and he also happily eats it.

Literally a Life Saver

My daughter's Persian has had chronic diarrhoea (with the associated pain) she she rehomed her. The poor cat refused the litter tray and the resulting efforts to get her to use puppy pads was something I would find exhausting. Now, after numerous veterinary test, treatments and HUGE bills. First meal and cat gulped this down and is gaining weight much to Vets' surprise! Normal poos a bonus!!!
04/20/15 | Emily

Finally, something my cat can eat!

I've been having terrible trouble with my little Devon Rex for months. She developed stress-related colitis when my neighbour started renovating their house, making a huge amount of noise for months on end. Despite endless vet visits, we reached the stage where the only thing she could eat without getting terrible diarrhoea or bleeding was plain cooked chicken, which she got bored of very very quickly. I tentatively tried her on Kattovit Gastro a few weeks ago and she devoured it. She's been having one sachet a day since (chicken for her other meal) and has had no problems at all with her stomach, has started to gain weight and is seeming so much happier. Such a relief!

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