04/29/22 | Ann Marie Allin


I bought 3 of the 40 packs and now I have 2 and a half. They loved the jelly but wouldn't eat the pieces of 'sponge'??🤔

03/01/22 | Hilary Cooper

Naturally Delicious

I saw this advertised on the TV and wanted to get some for my 2 cats and was glad to see that Zooplus stocked it. I ordered both types and my cats love it, clean bowls every time, mind you that may also be partly down to the packs being 80g and not 100g because by mid morning they are both wanting a snack to take them through to Tea time. If the packs were 100g I would have given a score of the full 5 stars..... Felix, please increase the weight of these..

02/07/22 | Henry

Good stuff

I have 3 kittens and have been using this alongside their Purina One Pro Kitten dry food, to up their protein intake and for hydration. The dry tops up their vitamin and mineral intake, as this wet food doesn't have enough for kitten growth. They seem to really like it - even my fussy eater. Only gripe is the vitamin and mineral profile of this, but for the money there isn't much better on the market.