12/17/21 | Judith Phillips

Loved by my Birman!

I originally ordered this for my Siberians, who are large cats like Maine Coons. However it is my tiny female Birman who absolutely adores this food. Normally she turns up her nose at anything & everything but this food is a winner. She eats every single scrap enjoying every mouthful.

06/24/21 | Anonymous

Not enough texture

Good quality food with plenty of meat content but disappointing texture. Very mushy. None of my cats would eat it.


Cat wouldn't eat it

Unfortunately my cat refused to eat it.

01/14/21 | Dr Elayne Coakes

Too soggy

We have 2 Maine Coons - our female will eat it, but not her preference; our male turns his nose up. It has no texture and he likes to get his teeth working... Overall not worth buying for mine.


New food that is good

I am sometimes unsure whether or not I should be buying food specifically for Maine Coons. Despite some of the negative reviews, I bought this new wet food and it paid off! My cat loved this ragout-like consistency and the ingredients look pretty decent too.

12/28/20 | Debbie Beskine

Unfortunately my cats refused this food

Very disappointing indeed, none of my 4 cats will touch this, and even our local stray and the foxrs have left it uneaten. It is a mushy consistancy, even mixed with other food, whole bowl untouched. Now i have untouched boxes of the stuff and it was a complete waste of money and food, can only throw it out or donate it!

12/06/20 | Suzanne

Very disappointing

Our cats will eat almost anything but even they refused this. Few chunks, more of a slurry texture. Strange smell too. Can’t blame them, it’s the most unappetising food I’ve ever seen. Disappointing because the rest of the range is great.


A New Favourite for my Maine Coon

My three year old Maine Coon loves this food. He mainly has it as a treat alongside his dry food. It doesn’t smell very nice to me, but no complaints from my cat!


My cats loved it

As soon as I opened the pouch, my two Maine Coons devoured it. My kitten loves the Concept for Life kitten pouches too. Highly recommended


Excellent quality

This new quality is excellent - my cats really enjoy their mealtimes now