07/22/21 | sue

too rich for my dog

This upset her tummy. She's fine on the Sensitive version.

04/11/21 | Sue

don't buy this by mistake, like i did

i usually get the Sensitive lamb & rice. Bought this by mistake and dog does about 4 huge poos a day and often gets stomach upset. Very disappointing.


Excessive wind

My 15 yr old Labrador has developed some digestive issues so thought I'd try this after reading the reviews but unfortunately it gave him excessive unbearably smelly wind & diarrhoea so will go back to Harringtons or try Royal Canin which unfortunately is a lot more expensive. Disappointed 😐

06/07/14 | Jill

Not for my dog.

I thought I would try this for my 13 year old Border Collie, he liked it but he just had awful smelly wind! We couldn't put up with it so he has gone back to his old food. Shame as it seams a good food & a good price, so sadly not for us.