26 March 2019

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Dog Breed

In many countries, the Golden Retrievers is one of the most popular dog breeds. Let’s learn a bit more about these gorgeous dogs.


The Golden Retriever is still a relatively young breed of dog. They originated in England in the late 19th century. The “father” of the breed was the Lord of Tweedmouth, who crossed a golden wavy-haired male dog “Nous” with the female Tweed Water Spaniel “Belle”. From this bloodline, the Golden Retriever we know today eventually developed. The Kennel Club, founded in 1873, recognized the Golden Retriever as its own independent breed in 1913. In the following years the breed grew constantly in popularity, and today the Golden Retriever is one of the most well known and loved dog breeds across the world.

Happy golden retriever puppy


The most characteristic trait of the Golden Retriever is their unfailing obedience to their master. This is displayed in their love of learning, which has also meant that they have been successfully used as working dogs. Their great skills at fetching has meant they have been used as hunting dogs, guide dogs for the blind, rescue dogs for the emergency services, and police tracking dogs. They are ideal for such demanding jobs due to their relatively high intelligence and the fact that they are quite easily led. The Golden Retriever is also a very popular family dog. They are very good with children, seldom aggressive, and very friendly in general.

Looking after a Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever needs to feel like a member of the family. They require lots of exercise and time outdoors. You can even let an adult Golden Retriever run alongside you on a bicycle with the right equipment. They should always be provided with plenty of toys and things to do, and they love to play fetch. They also love to swim if they get the chance, so why not consider a trip to the beach!

Wet weather is not a problem for the Golden Retriever, but very hot weather can be exhausting due to its warm coat.


The Golden Retriever has a very harmonious build, and belongs to the class of medium sized dogs. Male dogs usually reach a shoulder height of up to 61cm, and female dogs are slightly smaller at around 51-56cm. The coat of the Golden Retriever lies flat against its body, and is water resistant, thick and either smooth or wavy. The undercoat is very thick, and is shed in the spring, when it requires some extra grooming and care. The most vibrant colours in the coat are gold, light yellow and cream, and there can sometimes be white hairs on the dog’s chest.

FCI Group

8. Retrievers, Flushing Dogs and Water Dogs


Long hair
Cream White Gold / Yellow


Easy to train 3 of 5
Apartment Living 3 of 5
Ability to stay home alone all day 3 of 5
Good as First Dog 3 of 5
Potential for Weight Gain 3 of 5
General Health 3 of 5
Intelligence 3 of 5
Child friendly 3 of 5
Tendency to bite 3 of 5
Tendency to bark 3 of 5
Tendency to run away 3 of 5
Amount of Shedding 3 of 5
Watchdog Ability 3 of 5
Playfulness 3 of 5
Cat friendly 3 of 5
Energy level 3 of 5
Exercise Needs 3 of 5
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