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Dog Kennels

An outdoor roof for your dog

With our wide selection of dog kennels, being "in the dog house" will no longer be a bad thing! We hope the following tips help you in selecting a kennel for your dog:

Size: If possible, measure your dog's height from paw to head, and then do the same from head to the tip of its tail to get its full length. The size of the kennel should exceed the height & length of your dog by enough to allow them to turn and stand. The small dog kennel, size S, is for smaller breed dogs, M & L for average size dogs, and XL or XXL for the largest breeds: it is well worth checking how big your dog may become if they are still growing.

Material: At zooplus we carry both wooden & plastic kennels. Wooden kennels have a beautiful finish and work well in all weather conditions (fresh in the summer, warmer in winter). They are very sturdy and heavier than plastic dog houses. Plastic kennels are lighter and easy to wash but can get warm & stuffy in the summer and do not hold in the heat as well in winter. Many will bring the easier to move Plastic Dog Kennels indoors during the winter. Both plastic and wooden kennels are water-proof (the wood is treated to protect it in all weather conditions). Wood Dog Kennels will need to have the wood re-treated or varnished every few years however to maximise how long they'll last.

Insulation: an excellent way to protect your dog from colder weather conditions. You can choose from simple mats or all round insulation that covers the kennel's walls and floor. It can be added in the colder winter months and simply removed in the summer.

Roof Type: Choose between a pitched or flat roof. Pitched roofs are more comfortable for larger dogs whereas flat ones can suit smaller dogs better.

Assembly: Choosing a kennel that is easy to assemble will save you time, many of our kennels have instructions available to view prior to purchase.

Extras: Some dogs do prefer the extra comfort of a roofed patio to rest, especially in the warmer months, where they can enjoy the shade and the breeze.

Once you find the correct kennel for your dog, don't forget to:

Keep It Clean: Hygiene is important to keep your dog healthy and the kennel odour-free. Check regularly and see if it's necessary to clean it.

Air insulation materials: If you use an insulation mat, air it frequently to avoid accumulating odours and dog hair.

Take care of the wood: If you live in an area where it rains often, you might want to treat or varnish the wood when it starts to weather, choosing a sheltered spot can also help.

Take a look at the kennels available at zooplus:

  • Our Customer Picks: find the best rated kennels according to our customer reviews.
  • Wooden Kennels: beautifully finished wooden kennels for dogs with flat or pitched roofs.
  • Plastic Kennels: easy to clean, lightweight & spacious.
  • Kennel Insulation: choose from full insulation or insulating mats to keep your dog warm at all times.
  • Travel Kennels: the easiest and most comfy way to travel with your dog.

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