thrive Pet Food

Thrive Pet Food thrive pet food is made from tasty, premium-quality ingredients. This complete food contains all the essential nutrients and vitamins your dog or cat needs to stay healthy. thrive Complete pet food contains plenty of meat. No animal meal, meat by-products, grain, gluten or fillers are used.

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 thrive    thrive Pet Food:

thrive Dry Cat Food thrive dry cat food is balanced and complete, with a high meat or fish content. These g...
thrive Wet Cat Food thrive Complete wet cat food is made from tasty, premium-quality ingredients. This comp...
thrive Cat Treats Delicious and natural thrive cat treats are preserved in a natural freeze-drying proces...
thrive Dog Treats The delicious and natural thrive dog treats are preserved in a natural freeze-drying pr...

thrive Pet Food

thrive Pet Food

0% nonsense pet food and treats

thrive is best known for their popular range of dog and cat treats made from 100% real meat and fish, which is then freeze-dried to retain as much nutritional value as possible. This gentle freeze-drying process also ensures that your pet can enjoy a snack naturally rich in flavour.

At zooplus you can also find a selection of premium-quality thrive cat food, all free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. thrive PremiumPlus dry cat food is a complete diet made with low-fat, hypoallergenic ingredients that are especially suitable for cats with sensitive stomachs. This grain-free kibble also boasts a high meat content of up to 90%, providing your cat with plenty of protein so they can stay fit and active.

thrive wet cat food is also grain-free and rich in protein. This balanced diet contains the finest ingredients, as well as all the vitamins and minerals needed for optimal feline health.

Explore our selection of thrive pet food at zooplus:

  • thrive Dry Cat Food: grain-free kibble with an exceptionally high meat content and hypoallergenic ingredients
  • thrive Wet Cat Food: complete wet cat food in handy cans, with plenty of premium-quality ingredients and no artificial additives
  • thrive Cat Treats: delicious cat snacks made from 100% fresh meat or fish, which is freeze-dried to lock in the natural goodness
  • thrive Dog Treats: just like thrive cat snacks, ProReward treats are made from 100% meat for a mouth-watering, natural taste
Treat your pet to premium-quality nutrition from thrive.

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