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Wolf of Wilderness Dog Food

Wolf of Wilderness Adult Dog Food
Wolf of Wilderness Junior & Senior Dog Food

Wolf of Wilderness Dog Food

Wild and Free!

Based on your dog's original, instinctive diet, Wolf of Wilderness is a natural, species-appropriate food for the modern dog. Research into the wolves' natural eating habits shows that their diet consists of mostly meat and some berries, wild herbs and roots. This diet has remained unchanged throughout the course of evolution. Wolf of Wilderness grain-free dog food is based on these eating habits and will appeal to your dog's natural instincts. Formulated to mimic this wild diet, this premium food range uses only the very best ingredients and is composed of mainly meat with some fruit, herbs and botanicals.

Wolf of Wilderness Dog Food Range

Wolf of Wilderness dog food range covers a wide variety, from high protein dry food to rich and meaty treats. This selection will appeal to your dog's very own wild instincts, whether they be a senior dog or a lively puppy it provides a balanced nutrient uptake whatever their lifestage. And because all products in the Wolf of Wilderness range are grain and gluten-free, it is well accepted, easily digested and perfect for dogs with nutritional sensitivities.
  • Dry Dog Food: this species-appropriate kibble reflects a wolf's natural diet, so you can be sure your beloved dog receives a balanced combination of nutrients and protein to keep happy and healthy. Made with a high meat content, all dry food from Wolf of Wilderness contains at least 41% of easy to digest, fresh meat, providing your dog with valuable animal proteins. With varieties for adult, junior and senior dogs, you can provide your dog with the best nutrition throughout their life!
  • Wet Dog Food: Add some variety to your dog's diet with tasty, grain-free wet dog food. Wolf of Wilderness offers a selection of wet food to match their delicious dry dog food. Enriched with forest berries, wild herbs and roots, this wholesome wet food provides your dog with everything it would need in the wild.
Wolf of Wilderness Dog Snacks: your dog can go back to its wild roots with these wonderful dog treats and chews from Wolf of Wilderness. Made from a single protein source, these snacks are ideal for even the fussiest dog. Each of the snacks are dried and made from 100% pure meat. These treats from Wolf of Wilderness are as natural as you can get!

Pick up the trail with our premium food range based on your dog's natural diet.

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