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Small Pets Supplies & Accessories

At zooplus, we know that when it comes to small pets, the right diet, play and enrichment plus plenty of space is key! We stock everything you need to set up the perfect habitat for your small pet. From indoor cages to rabbit hutches, hamster wheels to chinchilla sand... you'll find it all here. Check out exclusive brands of rabbit food and guinea pig food Greenwoods & Vilmie for species appropriate nutrition.

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Small Pet Food
Rabbit Food
Guinea Pig Food
Degu Food
Ferret Food
Chinchilla Food
Rat Food
Hamster Food
Mouse & Gerbil Food
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Small Pet Cages
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Indoor Rabbit Cages
Hamster Cages
Guinea Pig Cages
Gerbil Cages
Chinchilla Cages
Mouse Cages
Ferret Cages
Rat Cages
Transport Cages
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Hutches for Rabbit & Guinea Pig
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Rabbit Hutches
Extra Large Hutches
Luxury Hutches
Indoor Rabbit Hutches
Single Storey Hutches
Double Storey Hutches
Insulated Hutches & C..
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Runs & Enclosures
All Runs
Metal Runs
Wooden Runs
Nylon Runs
4 sided Runs
6 sided Runs
8 sided Runs
with Sun Protection
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JR Farm Herb Special
JR Farm Herb Special
JR Farm Herb Special
Was  £3.99
Now  £3.49
( £6.98 / kg)

Forage, Snacks & Supplements
Nibble Wood
Natural Snacks
Herbs, Blossoms & Gra..
Treats & Crunchy Snac..
Snack Mixes
Vitamins & Minerals
Salt Licks
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Hutch Starter Set
Hutch Starter Set
Hutch Starter Set
individually priced £183.97
Now £179.99
Cage Accessories
Tunnels & Dens
Bridges & Stairs
Exercise Wheels
Small Cabins & Houses
Large Cabins & Houses
Small Pet Water Bottl..
Small Pet Food Bowls
Hay Racks
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Natur Meadow Hay
Natur Meadow Hay
Natur Meadow Hay
individually priced £11.58
Now £9.99
( £2.00 / kg)

Straw & Bedding
Sawdust & Litter
Hemp Bedding
Corn Bedding
Other Bedding
Trixie Grass Nest
Trixie Grass Nest
Trixie Grass Nest
RRP*  £4.99
Our Price  £3.49
Toys & Travel
Carriers & Transport ..
Hamsters & Mice
Guinea Pigs
Harnesses & Leads

Chinchilla Sand
Chinchilla Sand
Chinchilla Sand
( £1.20 / kg)

Care & Grooming
Eye & Ear Care
Fur & Coat Care
Nail & Claw Clippers
Flea & Tick Protectio..
Bath Houses & Sand
Small Pet Toilet
Odour Management