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Applaws Pet Food

Applaws Pet Food Applaws pet food offers premium moist food in a variety of tasty flavors. Applaws pet food is a 100% natural food made entirely of premium natural ingredients. Applaws is completely additive free and only uses fish caught in sea water using dolphin friendly methods. The chicken used in Applaws is fed only organic feed and is entirely hormone free. The Applaws recipes have been created for dogs and cats to enjoy and to build health.

Applaws Pet Food


Natural Dog & Cat Food

Applaws pet food has been carefully developed so that you can offer your dog or cat a healthy, great-tasting diet. This nutritious dry and wet pet food is made from 100% natural ingredients, with no artificial additives, sweeteners, colourings or flavours. The recipes also contain a high proportion of premium-quality meat or fish as an excellent source of protein.

All of the products in the Applaws pet food range feature a complete list of ingredients on the packaging, so you always know exactly what you are feeding your pet.

Applaws offers a mouth-watering selection of natural dry and wet food for dogs and cats of all ages:

  • Applaws Dry Dog Food: hypoallergenic, grain-free kibble with 75% meat and 25% fruit, vegetables and herbs to stimulate the natural diet of dogs in the wild
  • Applaws Wet Dog Food: gluten-free canned food with an appetising natural consistency and grain-free dog pâté in handy trays. Applaws dog food offers you the perfect nutrition to meet your dog’s needs.
  • Applaws Dry Cat Food: grain-free kibble with 80% meat, a low carbohydrate content and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as cranberry extract to support the urinary and digestive tract
  • Applaws Wet Cat Food: premium natural wet food in cans or pouches, made from free-range chicken and fish from sustainable sources

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