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Animonda Pet Food

Animonda Dog Food


Pet Food Experts

Animonda was setup in 1991 in Germany as a new Brand for a Pet Food Company who had been established since 1913. Following the company's tradition of quality nutrition and the highest standards is therefore of utmost importance to Animonda Pet Foods. .
Animonda's Philsophy is key to its Success and Popularity:

  • Provide animal nutrition that is up-to-date with the latest scientific studies.
  • Create food that is free from artificial additives with ingredients that are described with full transparency.
  • Draw from expert breeders' & animal owners' experience to make great tasting food.
  • Formulas & Ingredients:
    Animonda Vom Feinsten: high protein food for cats & dogs. Pure-meat pet food completely free from soya, genetically-modified ingredients and gluten. Rich in taurine & protein (10%).
    Animonda Carny & Rafiné Cat Food: Made with Fresh meat (beef, chicken, turkey, fish, venison) with the addition of other high quality protein sources (heart, lungs, liver) for a more balnced-natural diet. No artificial additives: only pure minerals & vitamins for your cat.
    Integra Protect: with products for Dogs & Cats Integra's range of products were each created to treat pets suffering from specific ailments such as diabetes & urinary or kidney infections.
    Animonda Gran Carno Dog Food: High in protein (30%), with added fibre (5%) & fat (20%) from a wide range of protein sources such as venison, beef, turkey and lamb. Added minerals, beet root pulp, yeast and oils ensure this is a complete healthy diet.

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