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Orijen Cat Food

ORIJENOrijen cat food is made in Alberta, Canada by an independent family-owned company. Orijen cat food is biologically appropriate, meaning that it contains only fresh, whole foods that cats are naturally evolved to eat. Orijen cat food is very high in proteins, contains little carbohydrates, and no cereals: 75% meat, 25% regional fruit and vegetables, and 0% cereals.

Orijen Cat Food:
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Orijen Chicken Cat & Kitten Dry Food

Orijen Cat Food is biologically appropriate diet for all breeds and ages. Canadian food with high protein-content, plenty of fresh meat, no cereals.

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- 1.8kg
( £11.66 / kg)
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- 2.27kg
( £10.57 / kg)
- 6.8kg
( £6.76 / kg)
Orijen Cat 6 Fish Dry Food

Orijen Cat 6 Fish cat food with fresh fish as the only source of protein, high omega-3 fatty acid content, grain-free, low carbohydrate content, suitable for cats with allergies and food intolerances

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- 2.27kg
( £12.33 / kg)
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- 6.8kg
( £7.65 / kg)
Orijen Regional Red Cat Dry Food

A protein-packed, biologically appropriate diet for cats, this tasty dry food is made in Canada with lots of fresh bison, wild boar and lamb, enriched with fresh, local ingredients.

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- 2.27kg
( £13.21 / kg)
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- 6.8kg
( £8.82 / kg)
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