Living Alone is Not an Option for Exotic Birds

Two African Grey Parrot (3 months old) pecking, isolated on white, Exotic Bird Adoption

Two African Grey Parrot (3 months old) pecking, isolated on white, Exotic Bird Adoption

Budgies, canaries and similar birds are grateful living companions, and not only for animal lovers with little time or space. However, you should be aware that these charming birds should only be kept in pairs.

Consequences of living alone

The age-old image of a lone canary singing in an empty cage or of an eloquent parrot resting on a perch is now outdated – birds are family animals, flying in flocks in the wild and feeling most comfortable with other birds when kept as pets. Here they can play together, clean up and eat as a group, all experiences that cannot be replaced by human affection. Despite this, many caged birds do end up living their lives not only in cramped cages but also alone…

Keeping exotic birds on their own holds no real advantages. It can cause mental illness, as well as resulting in feelings of loneliness and desolation, with general opinion being that it does not make them any tamer. The aggressive game that “lively” birds play with toys, mirrors and food bowls is, in fact, misdirected courtship behaviour.

What to consider when buying another bird

The best remedy for loneliness is always to bring a second bird into the home. After slowly and cautiously adapting to the presence of another bird, even long-time singletons will flourish! The second bird should always be of the same species as the first – budgies with budgies and parrots with parrots. Choosing a bird of a similar age and the same sex as your first can also help to minimise possible aggression.

It is important to introduce the changes slowly. A neutral space such as a new, larger cage can also help to make pairing easier, as neither bird is given the home advantage! After a few days in separate cages, your birds can begin their tentative first steps into a new and happy life together.

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