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Alaska Hamster Cage

Product description

Alaska Hamster Cage 5 112
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Red: 84 x 48.5 x 44 cm (L x W x H)
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Product description

A spacious hamster cage with a slide, a platform and an igloo den. The deep base tray is great for burrowing. Suitable for small hamsters and gerbils. Bar spacing: 0.9 cm
Your hamster will feel completely at home in the Alaska cage. It can burrow away in the litter, slide down the slide, play on the raised platform or snooze in the cute little igloo on top of the platform. There is plenty to keep your pet amused. The base tray is nice and deep so you can fill it with lots of litter. This will encourage your pet to burrow, which is its natural instinct. And it makes it easy to keep the cage clean.
The cage has two doors, one on the top and one on the front, so that you can get to your pet easily. Two handles on the top of the cage are especially handy to allow you to move the cage about easily whenever required.
This cage is perfect and contains all the equipment your pet needs, so it can move straight in!

The Alaska hamster cage at a glance:

  • Suitable for hamsters and gerbils
  • Total dimensions: 84 x 48.5 x 44 cm (L x W x H)
  • Bar spacing: 0.9 cm
  • Bar thickness: 2 mm vertically, 3 mm horizontally
  • 2 doors (front and top): 32 x 23 cm (LxW)
  • Incl. 1 white slide, 1 platform und 1 white igloo
  • Platform: 29.4 x 46 cm (L x W), grey plastic
  • Igloo: H 8 / diameter 15 cm, white plastic, diameter of openings: 4.2 – 4.7 cm
  • Opening to slide: diameter 6.2 cm
  • Slide: 25 x 6 cm (L x W), white plastic
  • Deep base tray: 15.5 cm depth

Please note: Hamsters are very active little animals and need plenty of exercise. Exercise wheels in the cage and letting your hamster run around outside of the cage are both excellent ways of ensuring that your pet gets enough exercise. A separate run for small pets is a great way to let your pet exercise as it allows your pet to move around freely and safely.


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