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Alaska Hamster Cage

A spacious hamster cage with a slide, a platform and an igloo den. The deep base tray is great for burrowing. Suitable for small hamsters and gerbils. Bar spacing: 0.9 cm ...further information
Alaska Hamster Cage 5 78
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WOW if u have the space and want to make your hamster happy buy this cage: "One word for this cage is WOW . If you are looking for a massive cage but have little funds to buy one this is the option for you . I have had about 5 cages in the past which were all big but nothing like this when it came todayi was shocked how big and sturdy the cage was . I only payed around £32 for this cage which is a complete Bargain . I've just set it up managed to get loads of items in there including a massive wheel , 2 houses and a massive wood digging tower which still leaves plenty of room for big hamper to explore seems happy already and has only been in the new cage 10 mins she has settled already . The cage came in a massively box all flatpacked ordered it Thursday night and it came Wednesday morning which isn't bad for free delivery for such a massive item . This is first time I've used this site and I am impressed with the cage and the digging tower it bought including delivery they both cost £41 .buy this cage it's like a hamster mansion the base is very deep and is very high so it can climb and not feel trapped it's comes with nothing except a built in house so it's a empty cage to put what ever u like in their . I am so happy and so is the hamster better than my large pets at home cage I bought which didn't even last 6 months as hamster bit through it . This cage has curved edges and seems much thicker so fingers crossed it won't happen again :) thankyou zooplus I've been looking for a cheap massive cage like this for ages :)..."
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- 84 x 48.5 x 44 cm (L x W x H)
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