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Alaska Hamster Cage

A spacious hamster cage with a slide, a platform and an igloo den. The deep base tray is great for burrowing. Suitable for small hamsters and gerbils. Bar spacing: 0.9 cm ...further information
Alaska Hamster Cage 5 83
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Roborovski Dawrfs Love It!: "I have bought two of these now within the space of a month for each of my hammies, and they absolutely love them! They are so big, especially for dwarfs which is fantastic. My hamsters have never tried to escape any of their cages and the bar sizes on this aren't really anything to worry about with dawrfs. You get a lot for your money. Highly recommend this cage, so much so I'm about to buy a third for a rescue!..."
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- 84 x 48.5 x 44 cm (L x W x H)
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