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Alexander Small Pet Cage

A top quality cage suitable for hamsters, mice, gerbils and other small pets. Also included: solid wood accessories, bar spacing 1 cm ...further information
Alexander Small Pet Cage 5 45
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Huge is an understatement !: "I ordered this cage a few weeks ago now, delivery came within 3 days via yodel with no issues at all. And it came undamaged at all. It were really hard to gadge how big the cage is by looking online at pictures and on the zooplus picture but you will he honistely suprised. It's got a deep Base for bedding and it has another wooden level you can attach as high or as low as you like depending on your layout you want. You can easy get a 28cm trixie wheel inside and loads and loads of toys fit in this cage too so I would buy toy shopping too if your upgrading your cage to the alexander. My girl loves it and runs around all night and didn't even go to bed the first day I transfered her as she were so happy with the amount of space she now has ! There is one big opening at the top of the cage and then two smaller ones at the side so very accessible and easy to clean out. The only things I'd think could benefit this cage is having a waterproof coating on the wood as if your hamster pees on it then it will just start to rott and ruin so I'm having to go out to buy some safe waterproof paint so it's waterproof. But luckily my hamster wees in her sand bath so not a huge rush. But if your hamster pees anywhere then you might want to paint the wood before you put your hamster in it. I'm very pleased with the alexander and my purchase from zooplus. Thankyou..."
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Blue: 101 x 52.5 x 51 cm (L x W x H)
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