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Alexander Small Pet Cage

A top quality cage suitable for hamsters, mice, gerbils and other small pets. Also included: solid wood accessories, bar spacing 1 cm ...further information
Alexander Small Pet Cage 5 38
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Amazing!!!: "I just received this cage today, i was stuck deciding between buying the Barney's cage or the Alexander for my Syrian hamster Merlin. Merlin is a rather large Syrian and a very inquisitive hamster so i am very glad i picked the Alexander. Its absolutely huge and amazing for the price! He loves it and can not stop exploring, you defiantly need lots of toys and places to hide or its just one large space with not a great deal to do. I love this cage and so does Merlin i recommend to all...."
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- Blue: 101 x 52.5 x 51 cm (L x W x H)
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