Charity of the Month


Each month teams up with a British pet charity in order to give you a chance to help animals that are not as fortunate as your own.

It is easy and does not include complicated credit card payments or huge amounts of cash! You can now donate your zooPlusPoints, reward points you receive with each and every purchase at, £1 = 1 Point, and help out. With your next order at zooplus you can do something good for a bunch of animals that are currently living in care. Simply add the amount of points you would like to donate to your shopping basket and proceed with your regular order at

Each month we use donated zooPlusPoints to put together a fantastic food & accessories parcel which we send to the pet charity of the month. Your generosity means a lot to pets and charity staff every month.

When you donate in Febuary, March and April, your points will go towards our Charity of the Month partner: Happy Cats Rescue.

So how does it work?

You can donate between 10 and 250 zooPlusPoints. Just log in to myzooplus and add the points you'd like to donate to your shopping cart. This is easy: no need of extra payments, and your donation goes straight into HappyCats Rescue. Please note, you can only collect zooPlusPoints if you are a registered customer. Points can only be donated when a purchase is made.

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All about
HappyCats Rescue HappyCats Rescue was founded in August 2012 to help the increasing number of cats and kittens that find themselves looking for a new home. Based in Bordon, Hampshire we are a small friendly rescue helping to rescue and re-home unwanted cats and kittens.

Whether the cat / kitten is a pedigree or moggie we will help them to find their forever home. We rescue and care for badly treated, unwanted, abandoned and stray domestic cats and kittens. We ensure all cats leaving our care are fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, flea and wormed and in good health unless otherwise stated.

Unlike some rescues we will NEVER put a healthy animal to sleep unless it is advised by our vet for medical reasons. All attempts will be made to find the right home for any cat or kitten.

We are here to help cats and kittens of all ages to find their forever homes. All of our cats / kittens come into welfare needing a new home for many reasons, but most importantly it’s not their fault.

NO cat or kitten chooses to end up in welfare, but for those that do, we are their lifeline to finding their forever homes.

All those working with HappyCats Rescue do so on a voluntary basis, and all our money comes from donations, adoptions and fundraising. We receive no public funding or any Government or Lottery funding. We therefore rely greatly on the generosity of people like you to help us to continue our good work. ► HappyCats Rescue

Now you can help us, at zooplus, deliver a fantastic parcel of food & accessories to our friends at HappyCats Rescue, and make a lot of cats and their carers happy!