12 March 2018 - Updated 27 March 2019

Guinea Pig Language

guinea pig language - understanding your guinea pig

Probably every guinea pig owner knows the funny whistling noise that this animal makes when it sees the bag of food or the little squeak of happiness when it cuddles up with its companion. What exactly is a guinea pig trying to say when it snorts and whistles?


Guinea pigs aren’t actually related to the real domestic pigs but they can still grunt, for example, when they greet a member of their family.

Chattering teeth

When a guinea pig chatters its teeth, this is a warning or exhibitionist behaviour. This can occur, for example, when an older guinea pig is annoyed by a younger guinea pig’s attempts to play in the cage.


A loud squeak from a guinea pig can be a warning cry or a request, for example, to be given a delicious carrot as quickly as possible.


A shrill whistle is a clear indication of pain or panic. On the other hand, a quieter whistle can be understood as a greeting call.


This coo is a deep, vibrating, humming noise which serves as reassurance in an unusual situation and guinea pigs will coo when they face something unfamiliar.


When male guinea pigs want to draw the attention of the females, they make a humming noise and sway their behind. When it comes to disputes over ranking in purely female groups without any males, female guinea pigs also growl.

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