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Indoor Starter Set: Cage & Accessories

Product description

Indoor Starter Set: Cage & Accessories 5 5
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5-piece set for Dwarf Rabbits
individually priced £44.95
Now £42.99
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5-piece set for Guinea Pigs
individually priced £44.95
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Product description

The Cage & Accessories Set contains the following items:
  • Skyline Maxi XXL Rabbit & Guinea Pig Cage
    119 x 59 x 47 cm (LxWxH)
  • Trixie Ceramic Bowl
  • Trixie Corner Toilet Tray
  • 2.5kg JR Farm Mountain-Meadow Hay
  • 320 ml Classic Drinking Bottle

Please note: This gift set comes in two options: Gift set for Dwarf Rabbit includes the Trixie Rabbit Bowl and the Gift Set for Guinea Pigs includes the Guinea Pig Bowl. All other items are included in both gift sets.

Skyline Maxi XXL Rabbit and Guinea Pig Cage:
The Skyline Maxi XXL Rabbit and Guinea Pig Cage is a robust home for a whole guinea pig or dwarf rabbits. The cage consists of a sturdy metal cage, a stable tray and a food rack which prevents hay or straw from getting soiled on the floor. The cage is equipped with large doors, giving easy access from the top and the front. Overall dimensions: 119 x 59 x 47 cm (LxWxH)

Trixie Ceramic Rabbit or Guinea Pig Bowl:
This high-quality ceramic food bowl for small pets is not only extremely cute but also very convenient. A must for every small pet home. The bowl is easy to clean and hygienic and its weight means it won't get thrown about in the cage. It can be used for dry food and snacks as well as fresh and green food.

Trixie Corner Toilet Tray:
Even in the wild, rabbits have designated 'toilet corners' in their burrows. A corner tray encourages this natural instinct, allowing almost all rabbits to be house-trained at least to some extent. The Trixie Toilet Tray is easy to clean and can be filled with litter or straw. Simply hang or place the tray in one corner of the cage; a hanging attachment is supplied, along with a length of wire to fix the tray to the cage bars.

Classic Drinking Bottle:
The easy way to care for your pet. This drinking bottle prevents spillages in the cage and is clean and easy to use for small pets.

JR Farm Mountain-Meadow Hay, 2.5kg:
Softly packed and hand-picked fresh mountain-meadow hay is an essential part of a well-balanced guinia pig and rabbit nutrition. Due to its high content if raw fibres, JR Farm hay promotes healthy digestion and helps to keep the constantly growing teeth shorter.

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