FerplastLogoKlein For 40 years, Ferplast has been an undisputed international leader in the pet supplies sector. High-quality products built on commitment, ideas and innovative design. Bird cages, dog crates, cat litter boxes, and small pet cages for you.

Recommendations for your pet:

 Ferplast    Ferplast Cages for small pets and birds:

Atlas Carriers and Dog Accessories Ferplast dog transport boxes, retractable leads and more. Find out what your dog likes.
Rabbit & Guinea Pig Cages Ferplast rabbit and guinea pig cages: find the right home for your small pet. Ferplast ...
Ferret Cages Ferplast cages intended for ferrets - a home that will meet your pets needs!
Small Pet Accessories Great accessories for your small pet's cage by Ferplast.
Bird Cages Find a great selection of Ferplast Bird Cages for a variety of birds, such as Finches, ...

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Keeping your pet comfy for the past 40 years.

Ferplast specialise in a range of pet supplies; they want your pet to feel comfortable in its home. From cages and crates to specilaised dog bowls- they have it all!

Ferplast Pet Products:

Ferplast caters to a range of pets and their needs:

Dogs: ferplast dog cages Whether you're looking for an affordable kennel, ingeniously designed transport crates to make travelling with your dog safer and easier, or dog bowls, Ferplast has a fantastic range. Our personal favourite is the Long Ear Dog Bowl designed to keep long-eared pups' ears out of their food. How clever!

Small animals: ferplast rabbit cages From rabbits and guinea pigs to rats and ferrets, Ferplast have a great range for our small indoor fuzzy pets. We just love this Wooden Cottage Style Hutch by Ferplast. It's so cute!

Birds: ferplast cages Whatever type of bird you have, you can find its dream home with Ferplast. Don't have a pet bird? No worries! Try their outdoor birdhouse for looking after wild birds.

Ferplast Cages

Ferplast has a range of quality pet cages you can rely on:

Still not sold on Ferplast? Take a look at our full range of small pet cages, dog crates and carriers and cat carriers.

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