Squeaker Dog Toys

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Squeaker dog toys are great fun and come in a variety of shapes and materials. Plush squeakers are great for cuddling, while vinyl squeakers are easy to keep clean.

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44% off Trixie Dog Toy Sheep ratings (6 Reviews)
Trixie Dog Toy Sheep  
Adorable plush Trixie dog toy with a certain something; long-limbed toy with hidden rattles and squeakers for unforgettable fun, suitable for puppies  
- Sheep approx. 30cm RRP*  £7.99
Our Price  £4.49
Latex & Vinyl Squeakers: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Hedgehog Ball 9 cm Hedgehog Ball 9 cm  
Hedgehog Ball dog toy with squeaker, approx. 9 cm.  
- 9cm RRP*  £1.49
Our Price  £0.99
( £0.99 / piece)

- 3 pack individually priced £2.97
now £1.99
( £0.66 / piece)

Trixie Dog Toy Oinking Latex Pig More photos (3) ratings (8 Reviews)
Trixie Dog Toy Oinking Latex Pig  
Hilarious Trixie Pig Dog Toy with original animal voice for hours of exciting playtime, incredibly robust  
- Medium: Pink RRP*  £5.99
Our Price  £2.99
- Large: Pink RRP*  £7.99
Our Price  £3.99
Exercise & Training Wand for Dogs More photos (3) ratings (4 Reviews)
Exercise & Training Wand for Dogs  
An interactive dog toy for fun training sessions, the extendible flirt pole has a cute latex squeaker toy on the end. There is no choice of toy. You will receive one of the toys depicted.  
- Length 45-80cm Was  £14.90
Now  £11.90
Crackle Ball Dog Toy More photos (3) ratings (1 Review)
Crackle Ball Dog Toy  
A crackling dog ball, made from tough thermo plastic rubber (TPR) and with easy to grip, nubby surface. Inside there is plastic which rustles and crackles when pressed. Great for games of fetch!  
- Diameter 8cm RRP*  £2.99
Our Price  £1.99
Plush Squeakers: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Silly Bums Baboon Silly Bums Baboon New  
This unique, cuddly plush toy contains rustle foil and an exciting squeaker. Durable, ideal for games of fetch, tug, or cuddling.  
- 19 x 38 x 10 cm (L x W x H) Was  £5.99
Now  £3.99
Wallace & Gromit Gromit Tug ratings (1 Review)
Wallace & Gromit Gromit Tug  
Now your dog can have its very own Gromit Tug Toy, with a rope body and integrated squeakers. Perfect for games of tug or just to carry around. Suitable for puppies.  
- 30 x 12 x 21 cm (L x W x H) RRP*  £6.99
Our Price  £4.99
Only available while supplies last!
Flying Duck Dog Toy More photos (3) Flying Duck Dog Toy  
A floating duck-shaped toy with rubber for rubbing, made from ballistic fabric and can fly up to 30m. Colour: green  
- 44 x 29 x 7 cm (L x W x H) Was  £16.90
Now  £13.90
Kong AirDog Squeakair Ball ratings (10 Reviews)
Kong AirDog Squeakair Ball  
A sporty dog toy with squeaker with robust tennis fabric cover. Perfect for the Ball Launcher!  
- Medium (3 Pack) Was  £3.99
Now  £2.99
( £1.00 / piece)

- Large (2 Pack) Was  £4.99
Now  £3.49
( £1.74 / piece)

Stuffed Bear with Ropes ratings (1 Review)
Stuffed Bear with Ropes  
Ideal as a puppy toy - cuddly bear with two ropes and a squeaker.  
- 24cm RRP*  £4.99
Our Price  £2.49
Trixie Vulture Toy Gustav ratings (1 Review)
Trixie Vulture Toy Gustav  
Amusing plush Vulture Toy made of robust material with soft padding and squeaker. For playing, hunting and cuddling. Colour: beige  
- 28cm RRP*  £9.99
Our Price  £5.99
Kong AirDog American Football with Squeaker ratings (5 Reviews)
Kong AirDog American Football with Squeaker  
An interactive American football which combines two classic dog toys - the tennis ball and the squeaker to - to create the perfect fetch dog toy.  
- Large Was  £7.49
Now  £5.99
Dotti Plush Toy More photos (4) ratings (1 Review)
Dotti Plush Toy  
16cm diameter, with squeaker
Washable at 30°C
Colour may differ from illustration
- Diameter approx. 16cm Was  £1.99
Now  £1.49
Puppy Toy Tommy ratings (5 Reviews)
Puppy Toy Tommy  
The right toy for those all-important first few months.  
- 30cm Was  £7.99
Now  £5.99
Trixie Colourful Toy Balls ratings (8 Reviews)
Trixie Colourful Toy Balls  
Colourful Trixie toy balls with squeakers and short hair plush for tonnes of fun  
- 3 pieces, 6cm diameter each Was  £3.99
Now  £2.99
( £1.00 / piece)

Trixie Plush Raccoon with Power Squeaker ratings (1 Review)
Trixie Plush Raccoon with Power Squeaker  
Cuddly soft Trixie plush raccoon with extra loud power squeaker - maximum fun guaranteed! Washable at 30°C hand wash  
- 46cm Was  £6.99
Now  £5.49
Hunter Wildlife Plush Duck More photos (2) Hunter Wildlife Plush Duck  
Now it’s getting wild in your living room! Lifelike, plush duck puppy toy with squeaker and cotton ring  
- 21cm Was  £8.99
Now  £5.99
Hunter Wildlife Plush Raccoon ratings (2 Reviews)
Hunter Wildlife Plush Raccoon  
Now it’s getting wild in your living room! Lifelike, plush raccoon puppy toy with squeaker  
- 33cm Was  £7.99
Now  £5.99
T-Bone Steak Plush Squeaker Dog Toy More photos (8) T-Bone Steak Plush Squeaker Dog Toy  
This is one steak your dog will really enjoy! Made from environmentally friendly plush, with an integrated squeaker, this tasty-looking toy is perfect for games of chase or to snuggle up to.  
- approx. 30 x 18 x 7 cm (L x W x H) RRP*  £6.99
Our Price  £3.99
Real Tuff Racoon Dog Toy More photos (7) ratings (3 Reviews)
Real Tuff Racoon Dog Toy  
A large, very adorable racoon with integrated squeaker. This well-made toy has triple outer seams and is reinforced with nylon fabric and tuff coating. Your dog will love to play and cuddle up to it.  
- approx. 40 x 14 x 9 cm (L x W x H) RRP*  £6.99
Our Price  £3.99
Spikey the Hedgehog Dog Toy with Squeaker More photos (4) Spikey the Hedgehog Dog Toy with Squeaker  
Soft, padded cotton hedgehog with squeaker – for hours of fun playing and cuddling.  
- approx. 17cm RRP*  £4.99
Our Price  £2.49
Kong Tugger Knots Frog ratings (4 Reviews)
Kong Tugger Knots Frog  
A dog toy from Kong. Made from hard-wearing rope it has a soft cotton cover and integrated squeaker. This cute little frog is definitely tough enough to survive lots of crazy games of tug.  
- Small/Medium Was  £6.99
Now  £5.99

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