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Don't forget to buy the appropriate accessories for the litter box! Here you will find various scoops to efficiently remove litter. Prevent litter tracking with a mat placed in front of the litter box, keeping paws clean!

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Ribbed Mat for Litter Boxes More photos (2) ratings (26 Reviews)
Ribbed Mat for Litter Boxes  
This toilet mat for your cat's litter box is made out of plastic and helps put an end to litter spillage.
Measurements: 39 x 35cm.
- Grey Was  £4.49
Now  £2.99
Only available while supplies last!
Benita Paw Cleaning Litter Mat ratings (6 Reviews)
Benita Paw Cleaning Litter Mat  
Attractive litter box mat, shaped like a paw, improves cleanliness around your cat's litter box, size: 39 x 33 cm  
- Silver RRP*  £5.99
Our Price  £3.49
Cat Litter Tray Mat ratings (3 Reviews)
Cat Litter Tray Mat  
Handy rug for the cat litter tray, cleans paws on leaving the loo and keeps your household clean  
- Dark Grey / Black Was  £7.99
Now  £5.99
Litter Box Rug - Soft Touch Track Mat More photos (3) ratings (7 Reviews)
Litter Box Rug - Soft Touch Track Mat  
This litter box rug keeps litter off of your good floors - easy to use, simple to clean, saves litter. Dimensions: 46 x 33 x 2 cm (L x W x H)  
- Silver RRP*  £11.14
Our Price  £9.99
- Champagne RRP*  £11.14
Our Price  £9.99
Cat Litter Tray Mat XXL More photos (6) ratings (8 Reviews)
Cat Litter Tray Mat XXL  
A XXL-size, very soft half-round mat for trapping litter that flies out of your cat's litter tray. Easy to keep clean - just shake or vacuum. Suitable for XXL cat litter trays. Dimensions 60 x 36 cm  
- Grey RRP*  £4.99
Our Price  £2.99
Paw Print Litter Tray Mat More photos (5) Paw Print Litter Tray Mat  
A practical mat with cute paw print pattern and soft, textured surface. It keeps the area around the litter tray fresh and hygienic. Simply shake or vacuum to keep clean. Dimensions: 40 x 30 cm.  
- Beige RRP*  £3.99
Our Price  £2.49
Other: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Biokats Polybags for Litter Boxes ratings (17 Reviews)
Biokats Polybags for Litter Boxes  
Fits in nearly every litter box, keeps things clean and makes the box easy to clean out.  
- Fits up to: 55 x 45 x 12 cm (L x W x H) Was  £2.79
Now  £2.49
Scoops: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
CatIt Litter Scoop More photos (3) ratings (7 Reviews)
CatIt Litter Scoop  
Robust, large meshed litter scoop, ideal for clumping and eco litter. Can be stood or hung up. Comfortable handle and large meshed scoop for easy cleaning of cat litter boxes.  
- Grey Was  £2.49
Now  £1.99
Litter Scoop with Holder More photos (2) ratings (4 Reviews)
Litter Scoop with Holder  
An innovative litter scoop with holder. Mount on the wall or simply stand the scoop and holder on a flat surface.  
- Grey RRP*  £6.35
Our Price  £4.99
Litter-Lifter Original Scoop More photos (4) ratings (6 Reviews)
Litter-Lifter Original Scoop  
The totally different litter scoop. Easy cleaning with less dust thanks to the unique parallel triangular tines that cannot pick up clean litter. No clogging with fresh litter. Made in USA  
- Black RRP*  £5.04
Our Price  £4.99
Litter & Food Scoop More photos (2) ratings (6 Reviews)
Litter & Food Scoop  
Make life easy with this scoop for refilling your cat's food and litter. This scoop will help you to dole out regular portions with less wastage and keeping everything clean. approx. 24 cm long  
- White RRP*  £1.75
Our Price  £0.99
Metal Cat Litter Scoop ratings (3 Reviews)
Metal Cat Litter Scoop  
Cat litter scoop from robust and durable metal, for quick and easy cleaning of your cat's litter tray, suitable for all litters, including large grained.  
- Beige Was  £5.99
Now  £3.99
Trixie Litter Scoop ratings (8 Reviews)
Trixie Litter Scoop "Ultra Litter"  
Very tightly meshed, litter scoop, ideal for clumping cat litter for an easy clean up.  
- 1 scoop RRP*  £1.75
Our Price  £0.99
Cat Litter Shovel ratings (4 Reviews)
Cat Litter Shovel  
The quick and easy way to clean the cat litter box. The cat litter shovel is great for use with clumping litter as it allows you to only remove the soiled litter.  
- Yellow RRP*  £1.29
Our Price  £0.89
Mini Dustpan and Brush More photos (3) Mini Dustpan and Brush  
A compact dustpan and brush set with a wide sweeping surface so that you can speedily remove stray litter; small for space-saving storage, it can also be hung from a hook. Colour: light grey  
- Light Grey RRP*  £3.49
Our Price  £1.49
Litter Scoop Big Mouth More photos (2) ratings (7 Reviews)
Litter Scoop Big Mouth  
Big Mouth is an innovative litter scoop from USA. This litter scoop has an unusual design which makes it quick and easy to clean your cat’s litter tray.  
- Light Grey RRP*  £4.19
Our Price  £3.49
As a Supplement: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Litter Champ More photos (6) ratings (43 Reviews)
Litter Champ  
A revolutionary waste disposal system for quick, hygienic and odour-free disposal of used cat litter. Triple sealed to prevent odours escaping.  
- 26 x 24 x 49.5cm (L x W x H) RRP*  £26.90
Our Price  £16.90
- Replacement Bag RRP*  £4.99
Our Price  £3.49
( £3.49 / piece)

- Economy Pack: 3 x Replacement Bags individually priced £10.47
now £8.99
( £3.00 / piece)


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