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I ordered 4 and one didn't work. The other 3 had a very short life and it makes the product very expensive if you have to buy a new one every week.


If you purchase this item make sure you do not unscrew the light part too much when you switch off. I did this after first outing, and on the second outing the parts came apart, hence one lost light.

Illuminated dog pendant

This is an excellent product especially if you have a long haired dog. As i have tried all other safety products on the market this is by far the best and brightest. As my dog is a long haired german shepherd and has a dark coat she can now been seen from a distance with her green flashing light.

M. A. H.

Very bright light. Very effective. I would advise that you take the pendant off if you aren't using the light. You have to unscrew it slightly to turn the light off. My dog shook himself a couple of times & the light flew apart throwing bits everywhere. Luckily this happened before we went out or I would never have found the tiny parts. When tightened to flash it is secure. I wonder how long it is expected to last & if it is possible to obtain any spare parts.

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