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Illume Nite Neon Dog Coat

A breathable, wind-proof, water repellent dog coat with high viz neon insert and reflecting strips. Make sure you and your dog are visible when out in the dark. Colour: Black and neon yellow

Make sure that you and your dog stay safe when walking in the dark. When the days get shorter or the weather is grey and rainy visibility is reduced. The Illume Nite Neon dog coat is a great way to ensure your dog is visible. The entire back of the coat has a high viz neon yellow insert with reflecting strips. ...for further information...

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5 Happy Beagles: "Bought the 45cm version for my 5 beagles and they fit brilliantly - they are just long enough to cover the top of their tail all the way up past the t.."

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9.99 22.99 GBP
Product Article Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
- approx. 30cm Back Length 274366.0 RRP*  £16.90
Our Price  £9.99
- approx. 35cm Back Length 274366.1 RRP*  £18.90
Our Price  £11.99
- +
- approx. 40cm Back Length 274366.2 RRP*  £20.90
Our Price  £12.99
- +
- approx. 45cm Back Length 274366.3 RRP*  £22.90
Our Price  £13.99
- +
- approx. 50cm Back Length 274366.4 RRP*  £25.90
Our Price  £14.99
- +
- approx. 55cm Back Length 274366.5 RRP*  £28.90
Our Price  £18.99
- +
- approx. 60cm Back Length 274366.6 RRP*  £30.90
Our Price  £19.99
- +
- approx. 65cm Back Length 274366.7 RRP*  £32.90
Our Price  £22.99
- +
- approx. 70cm Back Length 274366.8 RRP*  £35.90
Our Price  £22.99
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Continuation of Product Description:
You can enjoy your walks without worrying that you and your dog cannot be seen.

The Illume Nite Neon dog coat is made from very light material. Your dog will hardly notice that it is wearing it, but it will be protected from the wind, damp and dirt.

It is available in a variety of sizes and has a fully adjustable strap around the chest. There is a drawstring with stopper on the collar and the leg loops make sure that the coat fits well and does not slip. The Air Flow mesh lining allows it to breathe.

Drivers and pedestrians alike will now be able to see you and your dog. The Illume Nite Neon dog coat protects your dog from the elements and ensures that it can be seen in the dark.

The Illume Nite Neon dog coat at a glance:

  • Outer colour: black / neon yellow
  • Inner colour: black
  • Outer material: 100% nylon
  • Inner material: 100% polyester (Air Flow Mesh)
  • 100% wind-proof and water repellent
  • Dirt repellent
  • Breathable, moisture-regulating
  • Leg loops for a perfect fit
  • Drawstring with stopper for individual fitting
  • 5cm wide, adjustable chest strap (Size 30 - 35, 4cm wide)
  • Opening on the back for dog lead
  • High collar
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Machine washable

Size Table Illume Nite Neon Dog Coat:

Size Back Length (A)
Height of Collar (B)
Neck Circumference (C)
Adjustable with drawstring
Chest Circumference (D)
Adjustable with Velcro strap
Coat Width (E)
at widest point
Total Coat Length (F)
30 31cm 8cm approx. 12 - 42 cm approx. 41cm +/- 10cm variable 2 x 21.5 cm 43cm
35 37cm 8cm approx. 15 - 49 cm approx. 52cm +/- 10cm variable 2 x 27 cm 53cm
45 46cm 8.5cm approx. 20 - 56 cm approx. 60cm +/- 12cm variable 2 x 31.5 cm 63cm
50 53cm 8.5cm approx. 20 - 60 cm approx. 66cm +/- 15cm variable 2 x 34 cm 70cm
55 55cm 8.5cm approx. 20 - 65 cm approx. 74cm +/- 15cm variable 2 x 37 cm 74cm
60 61cm 8.5cm approx. 20 - 65 cm approx. 78cm +/- 15cm variable 2 x 37 cm 83cm
65 66cm 9cm approx. 25 - 70 cm approx. 86cm +/- 15cm variable 2 x 40 cm 87cm

The back length (A) is measured from the base of the neck to the tail.
The total length of the coat is the back length (A) plus the height of the collar (B).
The neck circumference (C) should be measured around the base of neck.
The chest circumference (D) should be measured directly behind the front legs.
The coat width (E) is the measurement from the middle of the back to the middle of the back thigh x 2.
The total coat length (F) is measured from the front of the chest to the base of the tail.

Size guidance: Please make sure to measure the back length from the very base of the neck to the base of the tail (see diagram).
The dog shown in the diagram is a Hungarian Magyar Vizsla, which is wearing a size 50. The Labrador in the shop pic is wearing a size 55 and the Parson Russel a size 35.
If your dog's measurement is between two sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller size.

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