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Trixie Natura Small Pet House

Product description

Trixie Natura Small Pet House 5 35
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50 x 60 x 47 cm (L x W x H)
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Product description

This small home for small rabbits and guinea pigs is well suited for use in the garden. The house has a lockable door that can be used as a ramp when open. The elevated legs protect from ground dampness and cold providing good air circulation beneath the house. The ceiling can be opened from above for fresh air.

Roof is specially sealed and high-quality pine is stained and waterproofed for adverse weather.

Easy to clean, move and assemble!

This product can be used as a temporary daytime shelter, attached to an outdoor run, to help your rabbit stay protected from rain or cold. If you are looking for a rabbit hutch to house your rabbit overnight, please click here to see our full range of rabbit hutches.

Trixie Natura Small Pet House at a glance:

  • Door functions as a step
  • Hinged roof
  • Ground clearance for protecting against damp and cold, good air circulation
  • Wind and water-proof pine wood (varnished)
  • Base tray makes cleaning really easy
  • Kit makes for easy assembly

Technische Daten auf einem Blick:

Dimensions 33062.1
Base material Plastic base tray
Outer dimensions LxWxH 60 x 50.5 x 57.1 / 46.1cm (front/back)
Inner dimensions LxWxH 58.1 x 44.6 x 32.6 / 28.5cm (front/back)
Roof overhang 0.8 / 1.3cm (left/right)
Tür LxH 17 x 25.4 cm
Bodenfreiheit 8cm

Please ensure that your pet gets plenty of exercise. In addition to your pet's hutch, we recommend you provide a run for daily exercise.

For additional information regarding advised care, safety and liability, please read the attached "Hutch and Runs Information".


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