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Acana pet food is made from fresh, regional ingredients in Alberta, Canada. This premium pet food is produced by a family-owned business and has received several awards worldwide for its excellent quality. The special recipe used by Acana acknowledges that dogs and cats are natural carnivores and matches their natural diet. We offer you a wide range of premium Acana pet food for your pet.

Please note: Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing some availability issues with our Acana products.

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For Dogs:

Applaws >>: 75% free-range meat, natural & hypoallergenic.
Purizon >>: 70% meat or fish & grain-free for a natural, carnivorous diet.
Taste of the Wild >> : Premium, grain-free dog food, made in America.
Wolf of Wilderness >>: Rich in meat, based on the wolf’s natural diet.

For Cats:

Applaws >>: 80% meat, cereal-free, premium cat food.
Purizon >>: 70% meat or fish & grain-free, for a natural, carnivorous diet
Taste of the Wild >>: Premium, grain-free cat food, made in America.

Here are just a few of our featured Acana Pet Food products:

Recommendations for your pet:

 Acana    Acana Dog Food:

Acana Dry Dog Food Acana Dry Dog Food is made from fresh, regional ingredients in Alberta, Canada. The...
Acana Adult Dog Food Acana Adult Dry Dog food provides your dog with the same variety of natural sources...
Acana Puppy Food Acana Dry Puppy Food contains valuable proteins, carbohydrates, important vitamins ...
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Acana Small Breed Dog Food Acana Small Breed Dry Dog food provides your small dog with the same variety of nat...

 Acana Regional Food (Dog & Cat)   Acana Regional Food (Dog & Cat):

Acana Grasslands Acana Grasslands is a high quality pet food with up to 70% quality meat from animal...
Acana Pacifica A high quality dry food, made from a single protein source - fish. Acana Pacifica w...
Acana Wild Prairie Premium dry food for dog and cat with 70% fresh animal protein and 100% grain free.

 Acana Cat Food   Acana Cat Food:

Acana Dry Cat Food Acana Dry Cat food is made by a family-run business in Alberta, Canada, from fresh,...



Biologically Appropriate Pet Food

Based in Alberta, Canada, Acana has a reputation and long tradition for making nourishing protein-rich food for both dogs & cats for more than 25 years.
What makes Acana different?

  • A philosophy based in biologically appropriate food adapted to the evolutionary needs of dogs & cats.
  • Sustainable, fresh and local ingredients clearly differentiate Acana from industrial and mass-produced types of food.
  • Furthermore, no water is added to the food: preserving its full flavour naturally.
  • Maintain your cat's and dog's health with Acana's formulas, adapted to their various needs:
    Acana Classics: a low carbohydrate, 55%-65% animal protein composition (cage-free chicken or wild fish), with whole eggs, sun fruits & vegetables.
    Acana Regionals: grain-free formula composed of 60%-70% meat & 30-40% fruits and vegetables contents
    Acana Singles: suited for pets of all ages, with a sensitive digestion. Whole prey meat (pork, poultry, duck or lamb) is used to provide essential amino acids.
    Active dogs will find the sport & agility formula ideal for an energy boost, supporting an active lifestyle.
    Dog weight management is easy with Acana's light & fit food.
    Especially adapted for dogs with food allergies, the lamb & apple mix is light to digest.
    Grain-free nutritiously formulated cat food composed of 70% animal protein.

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