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Royal Canin Medium Sterilised

Product description

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Product description

Royal Canin dry dog food is based on a concept which provides the ideal nutritional solution for your pet's specific needs. When dogs are neutered their metabolism changes and they frequently eat more than they need, even though they have reduced energy needs. Such dogs need a food which suits their changed metabolism and also contains all the nutrients and vitamins they need to stay healthy. Many neutered dogs have a tendency to obesity which can affect their general well-being.

Royal Canin Medium Adult Sterilised can help your dog maintain a healthy weight. It has increased protein levels and a low fat content. It also contains L-carnitine which can help to improve the fat burning process and support a healthy diet. Royal Canin Medium Adult Sterilised is made to a special recipe which helps your dog to feel full for longer, so it does not get hungry between meals.

Royal Canin Medium Adult Sterilised was specially developed for neutered, medium breed (11-25 kg) dogs. It is suitable for dogs over 12 months.

Royal Canin Medium Adult Sterilised at a glance:

  • Dry dog food for neutered dogs
  • Suitable for dogs over 12months
  • Special recipe with
    • increased protein levels
    • and low fat content
  • With L-carnitine to boost fat burning
  • Your dog will feel fuller for longer
  • Supports healthy joints and bones

Royal Canin Medium Sterilised is a complete dry dog food for fully grown, neutered, medium breed dogs.


Corn, poultry protein (dried), wheat, corn gluten, lignocellulose, animal proteins (hydrolysed), animal fats, beet pulp, vegetable protein isolate*, yeast, fish oil, soya oil, minerals, psyllium (seeds and husks), fructo-oligo-saccharides , hydrolysed yeast (source of mannan-oligosaccharides), borrage oil
*LIP: Selected, easy to digest protein with high biological value.

Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (16,900 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (900 IU/kg), E1 [iron] (41 mg/kg), E2 [iodine] (3.1 mg/kg), E4 [copper] (6 mg/kg), E5 [manganese] (53 mg/kg), E6 [zinc] (173 mg/kg), E8 [selenium] (0.07 mg/kg), L-carnitine (200 mg/kg), preservatives, antioxidants.

Analytical constituents

protein 28.0 %
fat 13.0 %
fibre 6.4 %
ash 4.9 %
calcium 0.72 %
phosphorus 0.7 %
magnesium 0.08 %
arachicdonic acid 0.07 %
biotine (vitamin H) 2.7 mg
chloride 0.48 %
choline 2.0 mg
iron 188.0 mg
moisture 9.5 %
folic acid 9.0 mg
iodine 3.8 mg
potassium 0.7 %
copper 15.0 mg
L-carnitine 200.0 mg
linoleic acid 2.67 %
manganese 68.0 mg
sodium 0.3 %
niacin (vitamin- B3) 14.2 mg
omega-3 fats 0.6 %
omega-6 fats 2.91 %
pantothenic acid 33.0 mg
plant fibers 15.3 %
selenium 0.28 mg
starch 29.3 %
taurine 0.11 %
zinc 213.0 mg
vitamin A 26.0 IU
vitamin B1 (thiamine) 3.9 mg
vitamin B12 (cobalamin) 0.07 mg
vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 3.6 mg
vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 26.1 mg
vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 200.0 mg
vitamin D3 1.0 IE/kg
vitamin E (tocopherol) 600.0 mg
calories that can be burned 3.477 kcal
dietary fibre 15.3 %
DHA fatty acid 0.31 %
lutein 5.0 mg
arginine 1.53 %
L-lysine 1.11 %
methionine/cystine 0.95 %
nitrogen-free extracts 38.2 %

Feeding guide

Manufacturer's Feeding Recommendation in g/day:

Royal Canin Medium Adult Sterilised is a complete dry dog food.

Dog's weight Low activity Normal activity High activity
11kg 141 168 194
12kg 151 179 207
14kg 169 201 233
16kg 187 222 257
18kg 204 243 281
20kg 221 263 304
22kg 237 282 327
24kg 253 301 349
25kg 261 310 359

The amounts stated here are guidelines only and should be adapted to meet your dog's specific dietary needs.


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