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Car Safety Grids for Dogs

Car safety grids are an indispensable accessory for every family with a dog and a car. Most car safety grids are adjustable so they'll meet your needs. Be sure to check the bar spacing to make sure that it's suitable for your pet.

Car Safety Grids for Dogs: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Roadmaster Dog Guard More photos (10) ratings (5 Reviews)
Roadmaster Dog Guard  
The newly developed Roadmaster Dog Guard unites safety and simplicity. It can be quickly mounted on your car's headrests and requires no special drill holes; High Tech Safety for dog and driver  
- 85 - 135 cm Was  £79.90
Now  £59.90
Roadmaster Dog Guard XL More photos (4) Roadmaster Dog Guard XL  
With the new Roadmaster XL car barrier your dog will travel in safety. It can be quickly mounted on your car's head rests and requires no special drill holes.  
- 124 - 180 cm Was  £129.00
Now  £99.00
Trixie Angled Protective Car Boot Bars More photos (2) Trixie Angled Protective Car Boot Bars  
These sturdy car boot bars are adjustable in width and height. With angled posts for more room and a great fit in your car.  
- 85 – 140 x 75 – 110 cm (W x H) RRP*  £26.99
Our Price  £19.90
Trixie Protective Car Boot Bars More photos (2) Trixie Protective Car Boot Bars  
Universal car safety grid with three elements. Adjustable in width and height to keep your dog safe and for a great fit in your car.  
- 85 – 140 x 75 – 110 cm (W x H) RRP*  £32.99
Our Price  £22.90
As a Supplement: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Telescopic Dog Ramp Petwalk More photos (2) ratings (1 Review)
Telescopic Dog Ramp Petwalk  
The Telescopic Dog Ramp Petwalk helps your anxious, young, old, weak or ill dog to get into and out of the car.  
- approx. 100 - 180 x 46 cm (L x W) RRP*  £114.90
Our Price  £89.90
ROLLMAT Bumper Cover More photos (11) ratings (4 Reviews)
ROLLMAT Bumper Cover  
Bumper protection with strengthening discs - protects the bumper from dirt and scratches.  
- 64 x 80 cm (L x W) Was  £39.90
Now  £24.90
Luggage Area Protective Cover More photos (3) ratings (7 Reviews)
Luggage Area Protective Cover  
Luggage area cover with extra tall sides fits in any type of car and protects the interior from hair and mud.  
- 164 x 125 cm (L x W ) RRP*  £44.99
Our Price  £29.90
As an Alternative Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Allsafe Dog Safety Harness More photos (14) ratings (3 Reviews)
Allsafe Dog Safety Harness  
Dog seat belt for safe car travel, quality tested. Can also be used as an everyday harness.
Colour: black with reflective grey stripes.
- Size S Was  £49.90
Now  £39.90
- Size M Was  £69.90
Now  £49.90
- Size L Was  £79.90
Now  £59.90
Dog Car Harness Highway Control More photos (8) ratings (2 Reviews)
Dog Car Harness Highway Control  
Comfortable dog harness to keep your dog fixed in the car, with connecting element to seatbelt socket for most conventional seatbelt fasteners  
- Size S: chest circumference 30 - 60 cm RRP*  £6.49
Our Price  £2.99
- Size L: chest circumference 70 - 90 cm RRP*  £8.49
Our Price  £3.99

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