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Kitten Toys

Kitten soft balls, kitten mice and other fun toys will help build up a trustful relationship with your kitten.

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24% off LED Pointer Catch the Light ratings (15 Reviews)
LED Pointer Catch the Light  
Interactive cat toy LED Pointer, will keep your cat busy for hours, with fish-shaped light pointer.  
- 1 toy Was  £2.49
Now  £1.89
67% off Snack Ball Cat Toy More photos (3) ratings (9 Reviews)
Snack Ball Cat Toy  
Hide some treats in this snack ball and see what happens. Your cat has to roll the ball to make the treats fall out. There are 2 different levels. Suitable for kittens. Diameter approx. 5.5 cm  
- 1 snack ball RRP*  £2.99
Our Price  £0.99
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Catit Design Senses Speed Circuit More photos (7) ratings (20 Reviews)
Catit Design Senses Speed Circuit  
An illuminated ball, roller coaster tracks and crazy speeds - the perfect ingredients for an exciting game of chase which indulges your pet's natural hunting instincts. Extendable, easy to assemble.  
- 110cm Was  £11.90
Now  £9.99
- Illuminated replacement balls x 2 Was  £3.99
Now  £3.49
( £1.74 / piece)

Feather Waggler Cat Toy More photos (4) ratings (93 Reviews)
Feather Waggler Cat Toy  
Cats love hunting, especially if there are brightly coloured feathers involved! This cheerful cat waggler has real feathers and enticing rustle foil. The total length is approx. 55cm.  
- 55cm RRP*  £1.79
Our Price  £0.99
( £0.99 / piece)

- Pack of 3 individually priced £2.97
now £1.99
( £0.66 / piece)

Trixie Pompom Balls with Catnip ratings (20 Reviews)
Trixie Pompom Balls with Catnip  
Attractive, colourful plush Trixie pompom balls with catnip. Ball diameter: 4 cm (colour may differ from displayed photo on delivery)  
- multi-coloured 4 balls RRP*  £1.75
Our Price  £1.29
( £0.32 / piece)

- multi-coloured 12 balls individually priced £3.87
now £2.29
( £0.19 / piece)

Kong Kickeroo Kitten More photos (4) Kong Kickeroo Kitten  
The Kong Top Seller now also available for kittens: robust toy with plush tail and catnip, satisfies all your kitty's hunting urges.  
- 13cm Was  £2.99
Now  £2.49
( £2.49 / piece)

- 3 Pack individually priced £7.47
now £6.49
( £2.16 / piece)

Sisal Ball with Rattle and Feathers ratings (4 Reviews)
Sisal Ball with Rattle and Feathers  
Perfect for all kinds of fun, with sound of the rattle in the ball. 2 play balls, 6 cm each.  
- 2 pieces Was  £1.99
Now  £1.79
( £0.90 / piece)

- 3 pack: 3 x 2 pieces individually priced £5.37
now £3.99
( £0.66 / piece)

Cat Activity Snack Box Interactive Toy More photos (3) ratings (1 Review)
Cat Activity Snack Box Interactive Toy  
Train your cat's dexterity and skills while encouraging slower eating. The Snack box has a wavy base and removable hood for easy filling. Dishwasher-proof. Dimensions: approx. 19 x 14 x 12 (L x W x H)  
- 19 x 14 x 12 cm (L x W x H) RRP*  £7.99
Our Price  £3.99
Flashing Hedgehog Cat Ball More photos (4) Flashing Hedgehog Cat Ball  
Flashing, durable toy ball made of soft Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR), ideal for throwing games. Flashes red and blue when shaken.  
- 1 Ball RRP*  £2.49
Our Price  £1.49
( £1.49 / piece)

- 3 Balls individually priced £4.47
now £2.99
( £1.00 / piece)

Baldini Valerian Pillow More photos (5) ratings (1 Review)
Baldini Valerian Pillow  
A stimulating, cute pillow filled with 5g pharmacy-quality valerian and organic German spelt. Also ideal for kittens. The cover is Öko-Tex certified. Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 1.5 cm (L x W x H).  
- 2 Pillows Was  £3.99
Now  £2.49
( £1.24 / piece)

Trixie Cat Softballs ratings (21 Reviews)
Trixie Cat Softballs  
Colourful Trixie softballs for a great playtime  
- 8 Balls Was  £3.49
Now  £2.99
( £0.37 / piece)

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Cat Tunnel Basinah More photos (3) ratings (4 Reviews)
Cat Tunnel Basinah  
Sweet plush cat tunnel with rustling foil hidden inside - the ultimate adventure for your cat. Intended for kittens or small cats of all ages.  
- Measurements: 57 x 23cm RRP*  £14.90
Our Price  £6.99
Only available while supplies last!
Trixie 3-Pipe Play Tunnel More photos (2) ratings (23 Reviews)
Trixie 3-Pipe Play Tunnel  
Trixie 3-Pipe Play Tunnel with its four entrances presents the absolute pinnacle of fun – goodbye boredom for those restless kittens!  
- Diameter 22cm x 50cm RRP*  £17.99
Our Price  £9.99
Jumbo-sized Toy Mouse with Scratch Pad More photos (4) ratings (9 Reviews)
Jumbo-sized Toy Mouse with Scratch Pad  
A soft, giant mouse with a sisal insert, rustling ears and a tail that rattles. Perfect for games of chase or claw sharpening sessions. With catnip.  
- 42cm RRP*  £13.90
Our Price  £7.99
As an Alternative Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Trixie Cat Toy Tree Toadstool More photos (3) ratings (10 Reviews)
Trixie Cat Toy Tree Toadstool  
Cute cat toy tree, not just for kittens, with toy on a rubber band and two hidden toy balls in the bottom part, covered with fleece.  
- Red / White RRP*  £11.99
Our Price  £8.99
Wave Cat Scratching Pad More photos (4) ratings (22 Reviews)
Wave Cat Scratching Pad  
A scratch pad is a great addition to your cat tree. Your cat will love to scratch or lie on this delightful wave form. It is made from robust corrugated cardboard, and includes a little bag of catnip.  
- 49 x 20 x 7.5 cm (L x W x H) RRP*  £8.49
Our Price  £4.99

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