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Sanabelle Light

Sanabelle Light is a dry cat food suitable for weight loss or weight maintenance, with reduced energy, and high fibre content. Contains poultry, omega-3 and omega-6. For cats age 12 months + ...further information
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All three cats love it as much as the non-light version: "I have one tubby rescue cat that goes outside and two pedigrees that mainly stay in. I used to buy the non-light version of this food and they loved it, but I swapped to the light version when my rescue cat needed to lose some weight after he developed arthritis and had trouble climbing, jumping and walking long distances as a result. To my surprise they all seem to prefer this to the full fat version and my tubby moggie only needs to lose another half a kilo to be back to a normal weight for his size. Really pleased with this food and I'd recommend it to anyone...."
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