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Tigerino Crystals Silicate Cat Litter

This brilliant silicate litter stops odours in seconds! Extremely absorbent, environmentally-friendly, and efficient. ...further information
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Love it.: "I have 3 litter boxes, 3 cats and a 4 month kitten. I put a bag in each box fortnightly. I would be surprised if one bag would last any cat a month. I use 6 bags a month for 4 cats. That said, I love it. It's not dusty if you don't pour it in from a height. It tracks a little, but better than clay litter. None of my cats bury their poo in this, which doesn't help the smell after a poo but it soon goes. Definitely needs cleaning daily - scoop poo and mix WELL otherwise pee can pool at the bottom...."
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