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PetSafe Petporte Microchip Smart Flap

A cat flap with chip reader. It only opens for your own chipped cat so there is no need for dangerous cat collars. Operates on mains supply with a back up battery. For up to 25 cats.

PetSafe Petporte Microchip Smart Flap, made from UV resistant plastic, has an integrated chip reader which only lets your own cat go through the flap. There is no need for dangerous cat collars and uninvited guests can’t get in.

An integrated transponder reader reads the number on your cat’s micro chip. The transponder can be programmed to recognise chip numbers for up to 25 cats. ...for further information...

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Time for a new one: "After 6 years my old petporte has given up, but with 4 cats in and out all the time I think it held up very well. The new one is very similar, but sti.."

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Continuation of Product Description:
An integrated light sensor reacts to various shades of darkness, and enables you to stop your cat going outside when it gets dark.

A pet chip consists of a glass tube about the size of a grain of rice. This tube contains a microchip with a unique identification number. Using an appropriate chip reader vets can read the information contained, e.g. the name of the cat and owner and its address. The PetPorte Smart Flap uses this identification number as an access code for your cat(s) or other pets that will fit through a flap. Even small dogs can use this flap - and all those who don't have a matching number have to stay outside.

The flap uses a safe, low-voltage power supply for continuous operation. The power consumption is minimal at around 3 – 4 watts and an additional back-up battery (USV) guarantees uninterrupted power supply, for example during power cuts. The electric power supply enables a wide reach for chip recognition.

The tunnel extension which is included in the deliver extends the interior lining to 4cm depth. Further tunnel extensions allow you to adjust the tunnel length according to your needs.


  • No dangerous collars needed
  • Keeps stray cats out
  • Transponder chip reader recognises your pet's chip and can be programmed to allow entry up to 25 chipped cats
  • Magnetic wind stop prevents flap from banging
  • Insulating fleece draught excluder
  • Easy to operate – only two buttons
  • 2 symbol lamps to indicate operating modus
  • Adjustable locking time from 1 to 25 seconds
  • Child safety lock to prevent unintended programming
  • Back-up battery ensures that programmed chip numbers are retained if there is a power failure
  • Fits conventional square cut-outs of 17.1 x 18cm or 21.2cm in glass
  • Can be fitted in glass doors
  • Works for all pets with European microchip (FDX-B 15 settings)
  • Developed by a vet
  • Can be installed in metal doors. The performance is not affected by metal
  • 3 years manufacturer guarantee
Please note:
This device is designed for use in Germany and thus comes with a power adapter for use in the UK.

Programming options:

  • All cats (with or without chip) can go in and out
  • All cats can go in, no cats can go out
  • Only cats whose microchip number has been programmed in can enter. All cats can go out.
  • Only cats whose microchip number has been programmed in can enter but cannot go out
  • Adjustable light sensor restricts access to outside at dark
  • Can be set to sound a signal at the cat's entry

Included in delivery:

  • 1 PetSafe Petporte SmartFlap microchip cat flap
  • 1 plastic tunnel (interior lining) - 4cm wide
  • Wall power supply
  • UK adaptor
  • Mounting template for cutting out
  • Assembly instructions
  • User instructions
  • Basic element with microchip transponder with evaluation electronics, internal measurements 160 mm x 160 mm x 49 mm, external measurements 232 mm x 232 mm x 49 mm
  • Antenna shield with light sensor and rain protection, measurements 195 mm x 37 mm x 142 mm
  • Power supply 12V 6W with 2.5m cable
  • Installation kit with installation template and instructions for fitting
  • Operating instructions and CE stamp
  • Registered serial number
  • Suitable for fitting in walls, wooden doors and panels, plastic, glass or metal

pdf Installation Guide

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