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PetSafe Petporte Microchip Smart Flap

A cat flap with chip reader. It only opens for your own chipped cat so there is no need for dangerous cat collars. Operates on mains supply with a back up battery. For up to 25 cats. ...further information
PetSafe Petporte Microchip Smart Flap 3 22
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Time for a new one: "After 6 years my old petporte has given up, but with 4 cats in and out all the time I think it held up very well. The new one is very similar, but still covers the hole from my old one. My only niggle is the lock mechanism, which, while moved from the bottom where it used to get covered in hair and bits of whatever the cats were bringing in, now moved slightly up the sides, is a little on the loud side when locking/unlocking. As my 4 are used to using the old cat flap, this only made them a little cautious to start with and now they're fine. Chip pick up wise, all work ok.. one of ours has been in an accident and the chip is now lower down her back than on her neck, but still works for her. I think the flap is a little smaller than the old one but my fat 4 still manage it...."
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