Cat Collars

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Cat collars can help identify outdoor cats, should they get lost, and with new cat collar styles in leather and nylon, they're lots of fun too. Maybe a flowered cat collar or leather cat collar with rhinestones for your kitty?

Reflective Cat Collars: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Yukon LED Glow Collar - Orange More photos (5) ratings (2 Reviews)
Yukon LED Glow Collar - Orange
Rechargeable silicone LED glow collar to make your cat more visible in the dark. Choose from static, fast or slow flashing light mode. Fully adjustable diameter. No batteries needed. Colour: orange.

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- 18 - 34cm neck circumference RRP*  £6.70
Our Price  £4.99
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Trixie Reflective Cat Collar More photos (6) ratings (4 Reviews)
Trixie Reflective Cat Collar
Reflecting, hole-free adjustable velvet cat collar with bell and safety clip from Trixie

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- Velvet RRP*  £3.49
Our Price  £1.49
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Hunter Silver Velvet Cat Collar More photos (2) ratings (4 Reviews)
Hunter Silver Velvet Cat Collar
Velvety cat collar with sparkly silver strip and bell, reflective address pendant, and safety clasp.

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- Black RRP*  £4.46
Our Price  £2.49
Only available while supplies last!
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Hunter Reflective Cat Collar - 30cm More photos (3) ratings (9 Reviews)
Hunter Reflective Cat Collar - 30cm
Reflective cat collar made of nylon in yellow.

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- Yellow RRP*  £4.46
Our Price  £3.49
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Nylon/Fabric Cat Collars: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Trixie Cat Collar with Address Tag - 22cm More photos (7) ratings (5 Reviews)
Trixie Cat Collar with Address Tag - 22cm
Elegant Trixie cat collar with modern address label, Snap & Easy security fastening and small bell. Variable adjustment, available in different colours.

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- Red Was  £1.99
Now  £1.49
- +
- Black Was  £1.99
Now  £1.49
- +
Trixie Cat Collar with Bells - up to 30cm More photos (6) ratings (3 Reviews)
Trixie Cat Collar with Bells - up to 30cm
Hole-free, adjustable Trixie cat collar with bells and cat pattern, with safety clip.

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- Various colours RRP*  £2.99
Our Price  £1.29
- +
zoolove Diamond Hearts Cat Collar More photos (7) ratings (1 Review)
zoolove Diamond Hearts Cat Collar
A gorgeous cat collar with diamond hearts, a little bell and safety catch. Your cat will look beautiful and 10%* of the sale price goes to a pet charity. Just a little means a lot - zoolove cares!

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- Black RRP*  £3.49
Our Price  £1.99
- +

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Cat Collars

Cat Collars

Keeping your cat safe and stylish!

Choosing the right style collar for your cat:

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Reflective Collars:

Reflective collars effectively reflect car headlights, so they are a great way to keep your cat safe at night! Our range of reflective collars offers comfort, durability and will keep your cat visible on dark nights. There are plenty of cat collars with bells that also have integrated reflective stripes at zooplus.

Nylon Collars:

Nylon collars are soft and lightweight, so they are very comfortable for your cat. These collars are very safe for your cat, as they have a quick-release function in case of emergencies. There is a wide selection of nylon collars at zooplus, including cat collars with tags.

Leather Cat Collars:

Have you got a total glamour-puss? Treat them to a luxurious leather or faux leather collar at zooplus!

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Helpful tips:

  • Most cat collars are adjustable, but it is better to err on the side of caution and measure the circumference of the cat's collar to get the correct size.
  • Collars need to be fitted securely: if the collar is too loose, your cat could get one of its limbs through and may injure himself.
  • You should only be able to get 1-2 fingers inside of the collar when your cat is wearing it. After you have attached the collar, recheck the fit after a few minutes and adjust if necessary.

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A wide range of accessories for your cat:

  • Cat Collars: full range of cat collars at zooplus
  • Cat Harnesses: full range of cat harnesses at zooplus
  • Cat Pendants: attach to your pet's collar for quick and easy identification

Give your cat the freedom to explore outside. Check out our range of cat flaps and related offers in our shop.

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