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Lucky Kitty Ceramic Drinking Fountain

Dishwasher-safe, sanitary porcelain drinking fountain, 3 different drinking zones, totally tip & slip-proof stand, no replacement filters required, TÜV-certified pump. Size 30 x 23 x 14 cm (L x W x H)

The Lucky Kitty drinking fountain made from very high quality, heavy sanitary porcelain is completely tip and slip-proof, making it ideal for temperamental kitties, small dogs and ferrets.
It's unique, modern design without corners or edges makes this drinking fountain not only attractive, but also very quick and easy to clean. ...for further information...

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Best of the best: "My cats lol love it.when the pump broke after 2 years of working 24/7, they refused to drink from the normal bowl for the first day... Very easy to cl.."

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Continuation of Product Description:

Its three different drinking zones will provide satisfactory drinking opportunities for any cat's preferences. Cats can drink directly from the source at the fizzy fountain. At the wavy slide (a wave-shaped water slide) the water is gently guided into the splash pool. Your cat can drink from the constantly moving water of the splash pool even when the drinking fountain is switched off.

This drinking fountain will never need a filter change that has to be regularly swapped in. In order to spread out how often the drinking fountain and pump have to be cleaned, we recommend the purchase of a long-lasting long-hair filter. This sponge-like filter is specially developed for owners of long-haired cats or more than one cat, but can of course also be used for short-haired cats. The long-hair filter protects the pump from grime, hairs and left-over food. It also slows the passage of the water to the pump resulting in less noise. As the filter lasts for several months, it should be thoroughly washed off once a week or soaked in boiling water to keep it germ-free and clean.

A large silicone ring that runs over the base bowl ensure that the bowls are held gently but firmly together, making the Lucky Kitty Drinking Fountain even quieter.

Since it only takes a few hand motions to put together the drinking fountain and take it apart again, allowing you to simply place the ceramic bowl in the dishwasher, this makes cleaning quick and easy so that your cat may always have a clean, hygienic drinking fountain.
The Lucky Kitty Ceramic Drinking Fountain at a glance:

  • Material: dishwasher-safe ceramic (sanitary porcelain)
  • 1.5 litre water capacity
  • Size: approx. 30 x 23 x 14 cm (L x W x H)
  • Weight:
    • Empty: 3.5kg
    • Full: approx. 5kg
  • Pump:
    • TÜV-certified pump (TÜV: German Association for Technical Inspection)
    • Conforms to VDE standards (Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies)
    • Output 2 Watts at 220 Volts
    • White cable: length 1.75 metres
    • With 1 silicone tube
    • Operates extremely quietly
    • Designed for 24 hours continuous operation
    • Dismantled and cleaned with little effort
    • Fixed seat with rubber feet
  • Replacement rubber tubes are not included in purchase of a replacement pump
  • With silicone intermediate ring
  • With floor-protecting and non-slip foam rubber feet
  • Totally tip and slip-free stand ("vandal-proof")
  • 3 different drinking zones:
    • fizzy fountain
    • wavy slide
    • splash pool
  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • Encourages your cat to drink plenty of water
  • Provides constantly flowing, oxygenated water
  • Quick and easy to clean (please see cleaning notes below)
  • High quality design without corners or edges
  • No replacement filters necessary
  • Long-hair long-lasting filter recommended (not included in delivery)
  • Also suitable for small dogs and ferrets
Please note:
This device is designed for use in Germany and thus comes with a power adapter for use in the UK.

Lucky Kitty Long-Hair Long-Lasting Filter at a glance:

  • Material: reticulated polyurethane ether foam with 10 PPI according to ISO 1798 with an open cell structure
  • Material meets the "OEKO-TEX Standard 100" and is free of harmful substances under REACH
  • Especially recommended for multiple cats or long haired cats
  • Use extends the necessary cleaning intervals
  • Keeps hair, crumbs, etc. away from the pump
  • Supports the pump and also reduces the noise
  • Lasts for many months
  • Should be washed off or rinsed in boiling water at least once a week
  • Stable up to 120°C
  • Please wash thoroughly before first use

Lucky-Kitty Tube Set at a glance:

  • With 1 tube brush
  • 3 replacement tubes for the Lucky Kitty pump:
    • Made of silicone
    • Food safe
    • Plasticizer-free

Mechanics of the Lucky Kitty Ceramic Fountain:

  • Place pump in the middle section of the inner bowl. Feed the pump's cable through the indentation of the bowl.
  • Fill the inner bowl with water.
  • Feed one end of the tube through the plastic nozzle through the exit hole of the outer shell.
  • Pull the other end of the hose through the exit hole of the pump.
  • Carefully place the outer shell over the inner bowl.
  • Plug fountain in and it's ready to go!
Cleaning the Fountain:

The Lucky Kitty Drinking Fountain is made of ceramic and has a fired, glazed surface. This makes it machine-washable and extremely easy to clean just like all your other dishes. Alternatively, the fountain can be wiped down with a soft sponge and some soap. Limescale is best treated using household vinegar or a limescale remover.
Cleaning the Pump:

Your pump should be cleaned once a week to ensure it lasts a long time and your cat always has a fresh supply of water. You should also replace the silicone tubes regularly to keep the water germ-free.

pdf Lucky Kitty Ceramic Drinking Fountain Instruction Manual

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