Parrot Cages

Here you'll find Large bird cages and aviaries perfect for parrots, or other larger birds such as certain types of parakeets and cockatiels.

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40% off Noble Parrot Cage More photos (10) ratings (14 Reviews)
Noble Parrot Cage
Elegant and chic parrot cage in an oriental design, with handy debris trap. Dimensions: 81 x 78 x 155 cm (L x W x H).

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- Antique: 81 x 78 x 155 cm (L x W x H) RRP*  £149.00
Our Price  £89.90
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32% off Caesar Parrot Cage More photos (18) ratings (6 Reviews)
Caesar Parrot Cage
Wonderful, mobile parrot cage in antique style with outer perch, waste catcher, and accessories
Bar spacing 2.6 cm

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- 123 x 82 x 178 cm (L x W x H) (*2 packages) RRP*  £249.00
Our Price  £169.00
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Montana Brazil Bird Cage ratings (2 Reviews)
Montana Brazil Bird Cage
Bird cage in elegant design with decorative stand and variable roof, for large parakeets & small parrots, for indoors, bar spacing: 1 cm

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- Antique: 70 x 55 x 159 cm (L x W x H) (2 packages*) RRP*  £169.90
Our Price  £139.00
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Bird Cage Antico More photos (5) ratings (8 Reviews)
Bird Cage Antico
A luxurious, powder coated bird cage with a roof which opens. Ideal for parakeets and small parrots.
Dimensions 56 x 43 x 143 cm (L x W x H)

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- Old Rose: 56 x 43 x 143 cm (L x W x H) RRP*  £99.90
Our Price  £69.90
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Essegi Carry Parrot and Large Parakeet Transport Cage ratings (4 Reviews)
Essegi Carry Parrot and Large Parakeet Transport Cage
Chrome-plated cage with attached handle for the easy transport of parrots and large parakeets. Seating perches and feeding dishes included, bar spacing 2 cm

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- 37 x 50 x 40 cm (L x W x H) Was  £49.90
Now  £44.90
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Chipsi Extra Beechwood Chips Chipsi Extra Beechwood Chips
Natural beechwood bedding available in rough or medium sized grain.

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- 15kg, XXL-Grain £16.90
( £1.13 / kg)

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- 15kg, Medium-Grain £16.90
( £1.13 / kg)

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JR Farm Carrot Chips ratings (4 Reviews)
JR Farm Carrot Chips
Dried carrot chips are a healthy snack for small pets and parrots, with vegetable carotene, supplementary feed

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- 125g £1.99
( £1.59 / 100g)

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- Saver Pack: 5 x 125g individually priced £9.95
now £9.29
( £1.49 / 100g)

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Free-standing Parrot Perch ratings (1 Review)
Free-standing Parrot Perch
A stunning, wrought iron, free-standing perch for parrots. On a very secure stand, with two feeding bowls and a large dirt tray.
Dimensions: 51 x 49 x 129 cm (L x W x H)

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- Antique RRP*  £59.90
Our Price  £34.90
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