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Classic Drinking Bottle

Classic Drinking Bottle

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The water bottle always leaks, it is so noisy when my hamster drinks from it and it is made of very thin metal because one week with having the water bottle, my hamster chewed it so there is a massive hole in it

great product

i bought 2 large bottles, one for each level of my hutch, for 4 male guinea pigs. imo the classic bottle is exactly that, classic. and fulfills all needs.

Fantastic Water Bottle At A Great Price Too!

The Classic Drinking Bottle is a perfect water bottle for all small animals. The Classic Drinking Bottle the same high quality product for a low or fair price offered by! I am very pleased with my 150ml water bottle for my Syrian Hamster "Jasper" and i got it at a bargain of a price too!

Does What It Says On The Bottle Except In My Case...

The Classic Drinking Bottle does exactly what it says on the bottle, and i got it for a fair price too even though the bottle arrived slightly damaged, but this damage has not effected the way the bottle functions so my hamster has not experienced any issues with it so i am fine with it to be honest, but please Zooplus bubble rap small items like these when posting them to your customers to prevent damage to them when receiving them. Anyway I would personally recommend this brand "Classic" for water bottles because water bottle i have had in the past have from this company have always been top quality so i would defiantly recommend this product!

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Does what it says

Before I start, I'm just going to say "Keep checking for the ball getting stuck". We have two bottles in our cage for this very reason and naturally, the day someone forgot to put the second bottle in the ball was stuck. Luckily I noticed pretty quickly and got it sorted. On the other note it does leak a little bit when you first put it in and every so often afterwards, but nothing serious. The bottle is good value for money you just need to make sure little teeth can't get at the plastic while still being at a comfortable drinking height for them.

Such a bargain!

Get the bigger size water bottle for any small animal, just incase they get extra thirsty one day and you're not around to fill it up! You won't get this price anywhere else, it's a good durable material and will hook onto any cage or hutch.


Great item its a bargain here again - great work zooplus! cheap an cheerful.

Bargain hunter (23/08/09) Back to Classic Drinking Bottle

v good

i think it works brilliant! i was minding my friends rabbits and it never drips until sucked and never fell out or tipped over!!!

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