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Great for gnawing on

The rabbits are too heavy to use them as a bridge and too large to sit under them and they end up flat on the floor, but my two rabbits do like to lie on them and gnaw the bark off, so it helps in keeping their teeth short.

My guinea pigs love it

Bought large as a house and medium as a bridge for my c&c cage. My guinea pigs love it. They nibble on it sometimes and popcorn on top of house. They run up and down the bridge no bother. Great price too. Very happy with these products.

Rats love it!

Item arrived in perfect condition and exactly as described. Rats instantly took to gnawing on it and there was room enough for all three to take a nap underneath it :) Very happy!

Perfect for my guys

I've bought several of these in different sizes for my animals and they are well loved. I would say though that I bought the large for my guinea pigs and all 3 can fit in at a time if they wish and the medium for my gerbils.

Bought the biggest one for my guinea pigs. Love it!

I had my concerns about buying this for guinea pigs, as I thought that when bent, this might not be able to support their weight (especially that my piggies are a tad on the heavy side :p), but as soon as I opened the package I was sure it'll be fine! The wires woven within the wood are very solid, with quite a lot of strength needed to bend them (but not too much) into desired shape. The sticks are of great quality as well and they smell really nice. My piggies love it and instantly made it their new home (after about 5 minutes of suspicious distrust that is :D). Highly recommended, especially with the reduced price.

Great for Degu's

this is a great for Degu's my 2 both love it as they can run under it,jump on to other shelves and allso nibble it! :) make sure you get the right size

A Very Good Product For All Small Animals!

The Wicker Bridge for Small Pets is an absolutely brilliant toy for all small animals and i would personally recommend buying one or more for your small and furry animals, furthermore the price for the product is great too, but is even greater when the product is on sale which luckily it was on sale when i went to place an order for a cage i brought here on Zooplus. This product looks natural and my Syrian Hamster "Jasper" very much enjoys playing under and over it when i turn it into a bridge, but that's another great thing with this product it can transform into a bridge, a ladder and the possibilities continue for this great product. The Wicker Bridge for Small Pets is also a safe product for your small animal to gnaw on too!

Wicker Bridge In Size S (Small) Review

The Wicker Bridge is an all round great toy for all small animals just make sure to select the item in the appropriate size that is just right for your small in furry friend. The Items Main Features: Something for my Syrian Hamster "Jasper" to gnaw on. You are paying a good price for the item at only (£1.29). Different combinations of things you can do with the Wicker Bridge e.g turn the Wicker Bridge from a bridge to a ladder or use the Wicker Bridge as a divider separating different substrates or bedding as its more commonly known by. The possibility's for this toy is almost endless and this why i would recommend it to any small animal owner!

JasperTheSyrianHam (16/04/14) Back to Wicker Bridge for Small Pets

Buy one!

Best price for this item anywhere I've seen! I have four of the large ones for my 5 rabbits. Don't hesitate to buy for your small n furries!

Great product.

I ordered one of these for my Guinea Pig I really like the product I just wish I had got the large size as she only just fits into the medium but she is a good size Guinea Pig, will be ordering another one when we get our second piggie!

Very good hide for small pets

I already have one of these for my Guinea pigs and this was for my tortoise. They are fab as you can bend them to the shape you want and they can use them to climb as well as hide. one of the best hides I have come across for small pets :)

Camilla Khajeh Noori (27/12/13) Back to Wicker Bridge for Small Pets

Good value for money

My mice use this as a bridge/tunnel, or as a den while in their temporary cage. I also use it as a ramp for them to get in and out of their cage base into the bath for playtime. Haven't yet caught them chewing on it, but that's one further use as well - in all, you get a lot of different uses out of one very cheap toy!

Small is good for hamsters

I have two dwarf hamsters in a tank and I put a small bridge in their tank. They love it! They bury it and use it as a roof to their den. You can also use these to make little bridges or ladders in your hamster cage. As another reviewer said they are multipurpose.


Brilliant product if your hamster is allergic to some smell then don't buy it its got real strong smell and i'm not sure if my hamster likes them she was being strange making breathing weird noises gonna keep eye on her but make sure u check!

Bought large for French lop rabbit

We bought a large bridge for our 2 French lops who are medium sized and it fits them well. They enjoy giving it a good chew and hiding inside it. We put it next to their indoor hutch and they use it as a step to jump on to the roof of their home.

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