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I am about to breed some baby guineas and cant wait to see them in it!

Nice and cosy

Its a bit big for an indoor cage, but perfect as a retreat for a run. My guineas love it.

Piggy Pop's wigwam

My Baby guinea pig absolutely loves this. She come out of her cage and goes straight into and will groom herself all night. It is adorable and it keeps me entertained aswell as I love to watch her play. Thanks Zoo plus. xx

My piggies love it!

This is an excellent idea. My baby guinea pigs love it so much that they 'camp out' every night. I haven't got as far as putting it outside in the garden yet as the tent is in the bottom level of their hutch and they choose to sleep in there every night; their 'bedroom' is redundant! In fact they even go outside for the loo as they don't want to soil their bed! I will be moving the tent up into their sleeping quarters and buying another for the garden later on.

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it is cool

it is cool for baby rabbits

Excellent - Best Product !

My guinea pigs love this, it provides shade in the sun for when their inb there run and its soo cosy. it was really big aswell and lots of room inside it. 3 guineas fit in it and they have lots of room, brilliant, good price too.

guinea pig wigwam

i have this wigwam for my 2 guinea pigs and its great! Although they try to eat it ,it is great for them to cuddle up in and so easy to wash! if anyone is thinking of buying GO AHEAD ITS GREAT!!


I got this for my Guinea pig so it could have a place of its own to get away from my rabbit but they ended up both using it so i 'm going to get another one,there a great idea.

guinea pig wigwam

i have a wigwam 4 my guinea pig and it is great they adore it,and a bonus about this product is that you can wash it easily if ur guinea pig wees on it!!! if anyone is thinking of buying i advise you to purchase it because i think it is fantastic!!!!

small animal wigwam

I personally think that the wigwam is an excellent idea i think that small animals like an hamster will enjoy sleeping or going in it.

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